Reece Mastin, who? The teenage bad-boy Reece Mastin who stole hearts across the country back on 2011’s X Factor is no longer. In his place stands Mastin, and with this reimaging came a new EP and sound.

Not The Man For You was the lead single to introduce the EP, and from the first listen, I was hooked. It’s a rock’n’roll belter and is far from anything you would have expected based on Mastin’s previous work.

The track left me with an extremely high expectation of his new sound and had me eager to hear the full EP.

I sat down, laptop out, headphones in, volume on full blast, excited to hear the remaining four tracks… and to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

Not The Man For You sounds like it belongs on a completely different EP, and has nothing in common with the other four tracks which seem to blend muddily together, with the exception of The One That Never Gets Away.

Mastin’s vocals have definitely improved since we first heard him seven years ago, and he has matured as a vocalist. The sound has matured too – he has stepped out of his teenage boy phase and is attempting to establish himself as a matured artist.

The new sound is different to what we’d normally hear on our radios today, but I’m just disappointed that the rock’n’roll isn’t us as strong as you would expect from the lead single.

I’ve listened to these tracks three times each in the hope they would grow on me, but instead I’ve already forgotten them – the lyrics haven’t stuck in my head, and I wouldn’t be able to recite the beat to you if my life depended on it (let’s hope it doesn’t).

Although I can’t see myself listening to a Suitcase Of Stories again, apart from Not The Man For You, I have to give Mastin credit for the production – it’s his collection that has been independently released, and I can appreciate the value in that.

But i’d take Reece over Mastin any day.


Released: 6 April via Independent