14 October, The Lansdowne Hotel

Nipple tape – that’s really the only introduction to These New South Whales that you will ever need.

The show started off with a bang – “We don’t need you anymore,” kind of ironic, since the song was written about their bass player who left the band, and is now back in the band (I gathered this from watching their tour mockumentary).

Regardless, the show was packed with energy, matching their punk aesthetic. It was emphatic and you couldn’t help at the very least nodding along to the pulsating bass line and tight drumming.

When they played Meat Hook (a personal favourite of mine) the whole rooming was moving with the band. Lead singer Jamie Timony (AKA Mossy) has a distinct way of delivering his vocals, with the ability to change how he does so in each song. My favourite version of his vocal delivery comes in Meat Hook.

Concertgoer, Angus Mullholland, mentioned: “You can never go wrong with bands like this. They all share one thing in common and that is that they always give 150%” You could tell this was the case, from the sweat dripping off the band members, to the audacious response by the crowd.

Touring their debut album You Work For Us, These New South Whales have truly arrived on Sydney’s punk scene. Self-labelled ‘Sydney’s premier punk band’, they have given themselves fairly big shoes to fill, and indeed, they are trying them on for size!

The Lansdowne Hotel must be mentioned as a great venue for any band to play at. When it closed down, Sydney lost one of its premiere live music venues. Now that it has reopened, there is more opportunity for bands to be booked and play live sets in an intimate space.