26 May, The Tivoli

Certainly no stranger to Brisbane’s West End, I was in fact a stranger to The Tivoli and VERY excited for tonight’s show! The entire space was incredibly open, with an upstairs section, balconies and a very elegant ballroom feel to it.

A total newbie to Boat Show’s tunes I had absolutely no clue what to expect. When all of a sudden a screaming girl without shoes ran on stage, “This. Is. Incredible,” was all that I could think to myself!

Lead singer Ali Flintoff wore some self-made merch: a sports bra with “BOATSHOW” scrawled in black sharpie under a mesh top. “Thank you Sydney Opera House” Flintoff joked, before introducing some new songs and thanking the crowd for coming early to catch their set. These ladies (and their drummer George Foster) are full of energy and life, I absolutely envied them, craving their electrifying vibes as they continuously forgot their set list!

Thelma Plum brought so much emotion, laughter and copious amounts of joy to the stage. Plum put on the most stunning performance, wearing a floral top and matching headband – and of course, no shoes. Inspired by a moment in Sydney when she was once asked to leave a cafe for not wearing shoes, she joked about us West Enders perhaps being asked to leave for wearing shoes!

Plum’s voice is something words can’t describe. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. She played a number of songs including her 2013 single, Around Here, asking the crowd to direct all their anger towards the stage as it’s generally a song about someone you hate. I was overwhelmed with sadness when Plum took her leave, yet still very excited as the best was yet to come!

By 9:30pm the venue was really starting to fill up, though surprisingly there was still plenty of room to move and groove. San Cisco took to the stage at 10pm, opening with Did You Get What You Came For from their new album The Water, which was an absolutely perfect start to the show.

Jordi Davieson, Scarlett Stevens, Nick Gardner and Josh Biondillo played a number of old tracks along with a heap from the new record, including That Boy, Hey, Did I Do You Wrong? and SloMo.

The end of their set saw Fred Astaire belted by not only the band but almost every single member of the crowd. Shortly after came We Spend Too Much Time Together, the perfect end to a perfect set. Encore was comprised of Waiting For The Weekend, Sunrise and RUN.

I for one am ever so excited to see San Cisco put on another killer show at Splendour In The Grass. I’ll be waiting patiently.