10 October, The Lord Gladstone

On a quiet Tuesday night, The Lord Gladstone erupted with music and laughter, much of which is due to Lime Cordiale‘s brother duo Oli and Louis Leimbach and their live band.

Whether you were at the bar ordering a drink, or taking a photo in front of the mural they’ve just painted (check out our BTS gallery HERE) we were one in togetherness.

Drinks were flowing, music was glowing. The vibe was tight, better yet, we all knew we were in for a killer set. The band’s manager summed it up well when he said  “Music transcends the zeitgeist,” proving that Lime Cordiale are here to carve their own niche and have fun doing so.

The performance itself was special. The full band came out to play, five members, including their ever-present saxophone, giving a fuller sound, further enhancing the experience. The boys seem as if they have something to prove. Cranking out their classics, Good From Far and Falling Up The Stairs, as well as throwing in a few wiggly new jams from their debut album Permanent Vacation set to drop tomorrow!

The Lord Gladstone is pivotal in restoring the live music to Sydney. The atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm, as the band jumped into their set, you could hear the conversations between patrons, with comments ranging from “the scene is evolving” to “we’re on our way back.”

It’s venues like the Lord Gladstone, The Lady Hampshire and the Botany View Hotel that have, in recent times, proved super-important in restoring Sydney’s burgeoning live music scene. Glad we’ve got awesomely charismatic live acts like Lime Cordiale to fill them!