18 November, Solbar

Maroochydore’s raging live music venue Solbar welcomed Sydney siders Lime Cordiale to the stage as part of their Permanent Vacation album tour.

To kick the night off with buzzing enthusiasm was Sydney duo Gold Member. Angus Murphy and Aaron Martin rapidly jumped up on stage and didn’t delay with getting their set together.

Straight into their track If We Fall, Gold Member infused the bandroom with trinket electronic blips and soothing vocals. If We Fall got many punters revved up and it continued throughout the rest of the boys’ set with their mellow tune Waiting For You. The atmosphere of the room instantly flipped into a nostalgia feel, making you want to slow dance.

“This is fucking lit!” cheered Angus.

They threw us a curveball with an older track Rope Swing that reeled a staggering amount of people in with Aaron’s tantalising guitar strums and Angus’ cheeky beats on the keys and synth pad. Finishing off a stellar set, Gold Member played two sizzling hot new tracks called X and Sweetest Thing, which charmed the crowd once more.

It wasn’t long until Christopher Panousakis or more commonly known as Timberwolf promptly walked out on stage, with his guitar hanging over his shoulder and beer in hand.  The solo Adelaidean artist was in high spirits and seemed nothing but stoked to be performing to a Sunshine Coast crowd for his Saturday night antics.

Timberwolf delighted the room with his single Washed Out that sparked his beautifully dreamy voice and prickling guitar rhythms. You can’t help but get a sense of Jeff Buckley when admiring Timberwolf’s stage presence and versatile voice. He carried on with his magnificent rendition of Childish Gambino’s track Redbone, which had the crowd in awe, singing along to every word of the song.

Ending his spectacular set, Timberwolf wowed punters with his slick numbers Whiskey Jar and Fallen Sun, and left the stage waving goodbye to fans, with only a smile and his guitar.

Eager to introduce punters to the main package of the night, Aaron jumped out on stage and called out “Who is ready for Lime Cordiale?” and in a blink of an eye, Lime Cordiale embraced the Solbar stage. Oliver and Louis Leimbach, the brothers behind Lime Cordiale, were stoked to spring into action, leaping into their opening track Can I Be Your Lover? and oh my, there were plenty of swoons in the audience. It was the perfect intro from Lime Cordiale as they dove into rocking guitar-driven indie rock that turned heads from both ends of the room.

“This is fucking great,” chuckled Oli as he chugged down a beer.

There was no time for chit-chat with Lime Cordiale continuing to reel in the screams of punters with their well-known tune Waking Up Easy and their most recent stand out Naturally. Oli and Louis put their talent into gear with wicked strums, bringing a sprinkle of buoyant melodies with songs such as What Is Growing Up? and Giving Yourself Over. 

Coming to an end, punters were left reeling from Lime Cordiale’s last track of the night Hanging Upside Down that blasted a rocking jam session on stage with their crackling vocals, but it wasn’t long until “One more song” was being chanted amongst the crowd.

“Alright, fuck it, we’re going to do an old ballad,” said a chuffed Oli.

Ending the celebrations on a staggering high, Lime Cordiale finished the night off with Temper Temper and left us all on our toes, feeling satisfied by the zesty sounds of Lime Cordiale.