19 Jan, Factory Theatre

Sydney pop-punk band Forever Ends Here said FEH-well to six years together as a band when they played Oceans Away for their final time at the Factory Theatre.  

The night was full of nostalgic feels – hearing some of the best songs Forever Ends Here released together as a band as well as some of their older work. To add to the throwback vibes, there were many surprise musicians who joined the stage to play with the band for one last time. 

The first surprise of the night was Short Stack’s Shaun Diviney which the crowd absolutely loved, followed by MOB’s Michael Ashfield and Stand Atlantic. Yours Truly’s Mikaila Delgado joined Luke McChesney on stage for one final performance of their Remember December collaboration and proved they both still have the same perfect melodic chemistry between them.  

The band performed a cover of Nicki Minaj’s Starships and added their own pop-rock take on it. Sonically, it wasn’t terrible – however, lyrically the song choice just wasn’t for them and proved to be an odd choice.  

On the note of odd choices, McChesney asked his audience to start a mosh circle for one of their faster songs. I’m all for mosh circles, but there is a time and a place for them. They work at music festivals and heavy metal concerts – but pop-punk music isn’t exactly the type of music you would create a mosh circle for. Other than this, the audience farewelled the band in the best way they knew how – singing along to every song, dancing, and waving in time to the slower songs.  

The guys were filled with more energy than I have ever seen from them. They truly put everything they had into ending their time together as a show to remember. When they danced and sang – they become one with their instruments. Overall, the FEH-well tour was an adequate end to an era.