19 October, Moonshine

I see two types of people on a night in Manly; people there for a standard night out with the boys or the girls, and people who only come out for choice gigs. I was the latter on Thursday night when Drunk Mums played Moonshine in Manly.

I walked into the Steyne, headed up to Moonshine and got to the stage 15 minutes into Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents‘ opening set. After hearing the first song I wished I had worked on my poor time management skills and arrived on time for once. Nuisance brought some classic punk garage feels with some hard-hitting hits. Two people were having such a good time they attempted to start a pit but no one else could keep up with these guys this early into the gig. The same couldn’t be said about the Drunk Mums’ set.

Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents left the stage and soon were replaced by Drunk Mums. Usually a four-piece, the boys were one guitarist short tonight but played just as hard to pick up the slack. Between the three of them, they sported a trucker hat, two pairs of sunglasses, a leather vest and suspenders. They pumped out tune after tune, with tracks like Plastic and Vitamin D and they couldn’t help but remind me of the Sex Pistols. They even gave the microphone to a rowdy crowd member who adeptly busted out a verse during Dirty Birmy (I think due to missing band member) impressing even the band themselves.

They closed the set with the high-energy track Nanganator, which never fails to get the audience yelling, especially during the explosive chorus. After delivering a high-energy, sweaty and moshpit-inducing set, Drunk Mums left the stage with the audience damp and clapping.

I was tempted to buy a shirt but wasted my last $20 at the bar. And I was glad I went to Manly for a choice gig.