27 October, Corner Hotel

Melbourne knows its nightlife so it was no surprise that the city turned it on for The Kite String Tangle on Friday night. Performing at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, DJ/Producer Danny Harley not only brought his A-game, but some more of Brisbane’s best. The result? A night of electronic joy – and I can honestly say that I have never heard “I fucking love this song!” exclaimed so frequently in a crowd.

The opening slot was owned by Brisbane-born, Sydney-based songstress, Austen. And I truly mean owned – as the crowd dribbled in for the 9pm start, she was not phased as she played her set to an ever-increasing dancefloor. Mellow and sweet, her electro-pop tunes were a perfect warm-up for an indulgent night. Notable moments were as she performed Faded, her first release, dedicating it to Bailey – a fan in the crowd she hadn’t met but had wanted her to play a show in Melbourne since first hearing her music. Too much for my heart.

Arguably saving best for last, Austen closed her set with Storm, a single released only last week and definitely her most developed and musically mature track IMHO. Bonus of the set was her drummer who was so clearly loving every minute of performing; a pure reminder of the transcending power of music.

As a sold-out gig, the crowd was diverse in age but there was no disparity between love for The Kite String Tangle. It was awesome to see how Harley’s music, and that of his special guests, had brought together such different people who only cared for one thing: a good time.

Next up Golden Vessel hit the mark – moving the crowd from its chilled-out grooving to a proper dance pit. Tell The-Girl started us off with a true favourite as we were later introduced to tracks from the Brisbane-based producer’s recently released Right/Side EP, like Less~More. His silky sounds infiltrated every emotion, and I think the audience’s love of his set was for more than just the smooth beats.

After a brief break, presumably for a stage change (and surely not just so they could blare Arctic Monkeys on the sound system, which the crowd didn’t really seem to mind tbh) we got what we had all come for. Curtains opened and The Kite String Tangle stood behind keys, overpowering the crowd with his voice. My personal favourite Fickle Gods was the climax of the hour-long set, which had absolutely everyone singing with him. A refreshing event for an electronic music performer, Harley brought out on stage a couple of jazz musicians – a  trumpeter and trombonist – creating an incredible mix of jazz and electronic for This Thing We Got. I loved this moment, watching the collaboration of some very different genres, and reminding me that electronic music is truly a performance, not just a genre made for nightclubs.

Was there any other way than to end the night on Arcadia? I think not. By this point all inhibitions of the crowd were gone, the guy behind me had a girl on his shoulders, and we were all dancing together. A mixture of euphoria and sadness that it was over came across the crowd as the night wrapped up. Ears ringing, minds racing and hearts buzzing, we all took on whatever was in store for the unusually balmy Melbourne night… for there wasn’t possibly another way you could feel anything but *high as a kite* after such a night.