26 October, Solbar

Solbar was the place to be if you needed a dose of live music straight at your doorstep and enjoy some midweek drinks. These exact antics were present in the venue’s bandroom when Australian songwriter Kim Churchill brought his Weight Falls album tour to the Sunshine Coast.

As punters filled the room, the first act of the night was 16-year-old Taj Ralph from Sydney. The triple j Unearthed High finalist for 2017 was the pick of the bunch to set the scene for the night. Taj heated the room with his husky voice and quirky dance moves. Strumming his bass guitar and creating marvellous beats on the synth pad by his side, Taj dove into his track Undone and continued with his cover of The Internet’s Under Control.

“Earlier this year I put this song on triple j Unearthed and it was the first song that I was extremely happy with. It’s called Beat The Keeper,” mentioned Taj.

Following on from introducing the song, Taj amplified the crowd one more time with his ripened voice and fantastic instrumental work. It was a short but sweet set from Taj and he most definitely got us pumped.

Sunshine Coast’s sparkling jewel Ayla soon hit the stage, eager to perform a set in front of her hometown crowd. The indie-pop artist was beaming as she stood with guitar in hand and beautifully played her track Like The Other Kids with incredibly versatile vocals. Punters cheered vigorously and continued to do so when she went straight into her recent single Porcelain Doll enveloping us with her divine vocals and mesmerising aura. No one in that room could take their eyes off Ayla as her performance was nothing but stunning quirks, leaving the room vibrant after grooving to Shallow End.

A barefoot Kim Churchill abruptly walked out onto the stage with two of his band members and shouted: “Hello Sunshine Coast!” With no time to waste, Kim jumped into his first track Whole Entire. “It’s good to be back on the Sunny Coast. One of my favourite places to play ever!”

Plunging into the next tune, Goes Away, which was filled with snappy clicks and tingling guitar plucks. From observing the performance, you could easily tell that Kim fell deeply into his music; closing his eyes and smiling as he sang. Kim kept this lively experience into Rosemary, a track about a personal memory of his Grandma.

Secondhand Car was the highlight of the night, which he performed vigorously on his harmonica with the two band members banging away on the drums energetically. It took me back to when I watched Kim’s Like A Version a couple of weeks beforehand. It literally felt as if he had invited everyone into his studio to experience a raw and intimate moment.

“If you didn’t know already, I’m fucking sick as so here I am drinking my peppermint tea,” he chuckled.

The hype of the night began to lower as he only had a couple more songs left. Rippled Water began with a lurky beat in the background and flowed into slick vocals and instrumental work. Ending the show on a spectacular high, Kim Churchill immersed everyone once more with his popular single Window To The Sky that got all of us tapping our feet and swaying to the beat of the drum kick. The cheers from punters at the front to the back of the room echoed leaving Kim with an ecstatic finish to the night.

“Thanks for making what could’ve been a difficult gig a fuckload of fun!” he thanked us.

It’s clear to see that Kim Churchill is one of Australia’s most beloved and talented acts who, with six albums under his belt, just keeps impressing fans new and old.