First things first: I’d never listened to The Jim Mitchells before Thursday. They had been recommended to me by a handful of friends but I’d somehow unintentionally managed to avoid them completely. I had even missed a free show they did a month or so ago. Thursday at the Lansdowne seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally catch The Jim Mitchells for their Love Hypnotic album launch.

Having missed the first support Bored Shorts, I arrived halfway through second support Tropical Strength‘s set. The drummer wore a cool hat and the lead singer told the crowd to stop talking as they played a soothing rendition of the Postman Pat theme song. Next up was Rosa Maria who I have actually seen once before. One of the frontmen wore a shirt with floral embroidery and wielded maracas at one point, and the lead singer had a moustache and a great nasal tone. They played a set that was hard to pin down in the best kind of way, with psych-rock vibes, some harder tunes and even Latin influences. They closed the set and the audience waited in anticipation for the main act.

After an interesting DJ interim featuring Macklemore amongst others, The Jim Mitchells came onto stage much to the audience’s delight. The stage was set with hanging and standing foliage and pink light flooded the stage. I swear I smelt candles or incense as the band began to play. The band members all wore white tops and the singer also donned a silver cape. The jangly guitar and cool bass lines that I had come to expect after listening to the band for an hour or two earlier in the day were definitely present and were perfectly accompanied and complemented by the lead singer’s vocal tone. The crowd bounced along to each song and whooped and hollered, as did I.

Planet Absorbed was the song I most looked forward to hearing live after my brief Jim Mitchells preparation period. Seeing as it is their most popular song online I think it’s safe to say the fans thought the same. The audience was audibly excited as the opening riff was played and the energy only built from there. The song’s chorus line “You’ll never understand” was very catchy and I found myself singing along, despite only having known the song for a few hours prior.

Ankle Deep was another song I had come to enjoy prior to the show and enjoyed even more so live, delivering surfy vibes and riffs for toe-tapping. They closed the set with an encore in which they played a slow jam with a smooth bassline, which slowly built to an explosion of surf-rock, which had everyone in the room on their toes and the guitarist thrashing in the crowd. It ended in applause.

After having seen The Jim Mitchells live I can easily say that I had missed out not having seen them sooner. Their brand of lo-fi, high-energy surf-rock is not one to be overlooked as I experienced firsthand. They can work a crowd and deliver catchy lyrics and sexy riffs. Do yourself a favour and don’t wait to see the Jim Mitchells. Better late than never.