I’ve been fortunate enough to know and love the members of IVEY since their early days.

Lead vocalist Millie Perks was only 13 when they first started performing – some of their first few shows were performed at my high school!”

After releasing a banger of an EP – Gorgeous – the Gold Coast-based band is in the midst of a nation-wide tour.

I had a chat with Lachie McGuffie; the bands’ founder, guitarist, singer-songwriter, film-clip director – you name it, he’s done it – to talk about the tour, Gorgeous and what’s still to come.

Through thick, thin, and what Lachie describes as ‘teenage bullshit’, this band has evolved like no other.

“It’s been really interesting [growing up together]. I think its helped us grow as people and also brought us closer together, my brother is in the band but I count all of them as my family now,” says Lachie. 

Once consisting of four young teens, the timeline of IVEY is never-ending. Now the group has grown and blossomed into a five-piece production full of indie-pop electricity.

Lachie plays his part in everything, whilst his brother Matt McGuffie is on the drums. Their neighbour, Dante Martin, plays bass, long-time family friend Millie is on the mic, and newest addition, Riley Smith, kills it on guitar.  

In his own words, Lachie claims the band as a whole to be stupid, ambitious and erratic – and if you’ve ever seen IVEY rock their stuff live, you’ll definitely know what he’s talking about.  

As for their sound, he says, “It’s hard to describe a sound without saying genres, and I hate putting genres on it because it makes it kind of limited – but I guess indie, pop, dangly guitar, female/male vocal, fun band…” which definitely hits the nail on the head! 

“I’d say we’re evolving in a sense of distinguishing our sound as more of a fully formed production.

“We’re taking our time with [it] looking for new things to discover and new things to write about and new ways of making music whether that be using electronic samples or synths or weird vocal techniques.” 

This sound has definitely evolved enormously since the beginning of IVEY. Being far more guitar-based, with more of a beachy rock sound, now their latest EP Gorgeous showcases far more bouncy, fun, songs-to-dance-to-in-your-underwear vibes!  

Influenced by the likes of The Jungle Giants and ParcelsGorgeous has been on repeat for just a few weeks now (and many weeks to come). Lachie explains, “Definitely from our perspective, it’s our proudest body of work for sure. But the response has been great all around… The fans are really liking it and that’s what matters to us.”   

Each song off the EP is held very close to heart, and tells its own story – yet Lachie’s personal favourite track is number five, Never Alive.

“It’s been a song that I’ve had for almost two years and it’s a very deep song in terms of lyrics for me, it’s a very juxtaposing, confusing piece of writing that I didn’t know would see the light of day…

“I didn’t know it would suit IVEY and it kind of came together at the end and yeah I guess that holds a big meaning for me.” 

In celebration of Gorgeous’ release, Lachie says once he came home from work the band had surprised him with three bottles of champagne, “We wasted two of them on trying to get the right ‘SCHEW’ shot, and then we drank them and went out and just got really, really drunk it was really fun!”

If you’re up for some more IVEY fun, their tour has just recently kicked off and if you’re quick you’ll still be able to grab tickets to your nearest show.

Adelaide is up next, and excitedly a new city to add to IVEY’s logbook. Also looking forward to their shows in Sydney, Lachie says, “We’ve never done a proper headline show in Sydney… this is our first… It’s all a little nerve-wracking for this little band from the Gold Coast but still very exciting!” 

Right before going on stage IVEY joins forces in huddle form, whilst Dante hypes up the band with a little talk he started prepping the band with quite some time ago, and it’s stuck ever since.

As for what’s to come for IVEY, we can’t hold Lachie accountable for all ideas and aspirations that don’t see the light of day, but speaking for the group he says, “We’d love to embark overseas.”

Something that IVEY is hoping to make a reality in the years to come, “We’re highly considering moving over to Europe or something and just involving ourselves in the music scene over there… It’s very different.”  

Closer to home, Lachie hopes the band will be playing more festivals and gigs in 2019, “Going on national tours with some of our favourite bands would be awesome.”

Until then IVEY still has a jam-packed schedule for what’s left of 2018 – showcasing the ARIA Awards, the annual IVEY End of Year Party along with more writing and preparation for a new EP and singles, they hope to have released early next year.   

This isn’t anywhere close to the beginning of IVEY and surely not the end.

Gorgeous EP Tour

 8 December 2018, Waywards, Sydney 

9 December 2018, North Gong Hotel, Wollongong 

22 December 2018, End of Year Party Vol. 2, Gold Coast