If you’re suffering a quarter-life crisis and think you need to step up your game, then you probably do, ‘cause multi-talented soul Alex The Astronaut has the strength to undertake a split athletic-academic scholarship on the other side of the world. Like flying through time and space, Alex Lynn is turning dreams into a reality, exploring and uncovering a connection with various generations through her powerful story telling ability. Lynn reminisces: “My rock star uncle taught me Space Oddity when I was 12 and it taught me that oddness is great and that maybe, a space-obsessed explorer has something important to share.

“I started out playing guitar when I was ten. We moved to London and I had to properly learn an instrument, which lead onto writing and recording crappy songs. Once I turned 16 I sent them to numerous venues and blogs, but I honestly had no idea how the music industry worked… I was just trying to get feedback but 99% of people didn’t reply, I got approximately four positive replies which is all I needed to give me confidence to keep pursuing and recording.”

Lynn’s journey so far has received sudden exposure with her indie-pop, folk-felt EP To Whom It May Concern reaching out to thousands of ear drums. “It’s amazing knowing people are listening to my songs,” she says. Whether the tunes are pouring out of a parent’s car or a mate’s headphones, “It doesn’t feel like an invasion of privacy but more like when someone knows you but you don’t know that they do… One time a boy messaged me explaining he was going through a rough patch but when he heard Already Home it genuinely helped. Moments like these are so beautiful,” she furthers.

Lynn has been creating numerous soothingly upbeat tracks consisting of humbly composed lyrics to further that connection with her audience. Being constantly inspired by her surroundings, she expresses “I want to share what is important to me in way that is meaningful to others – at the end of the day this is my reason of creating. Sure, it’s great when people know the lyrics to my songs, but when people actually inform me of their understanding this is why I keep writing; to connect.”

Playing solo in local venues and support gigs with other musicians on the rise was just the beginning for Lynn, exposing her to the reality of the music industry. “I’ve dealt with some shockers; music venues can be really strict and intimidating with tickets, promoting and denying you. It can be pretty rough but those experiences have made me a bit more resilient when it comes to larger scale shows.”

However, it’s not always a bad time as Alex has had the opportunity to play at some incredible venues in both Australia and America, including sold-out gigs. “It was crazy… Even my friends missed out!” she laughs. Living between two countries can make life pretty difficult to manage, but this isn’t stopping the talent from getting things done. Beginning to record about a year and a half ago, she muses “My producer Ben [McCarthy] and I didn’t have a clear outlook, we were aiming to get a complete EP out and so it ended up that we recorded in July of 2016 deciding to include songs Already Home, Rockstar City and I Believe In Music… The others happened after, everything moved really smoothly but really fast.”

When Lynn returned home earlier this year she had the chance to do her first-ever radio interviews – one with FBi Radio and another with triple j. Second track off the EP, Rockstar City, was premiered on triple j along with Already Home scoring a sweet rotation. “I was emailed to be interviewed by Richard Kingsmill, I didn’t expect it. On the day I was shown around the office I saw Julia Jacklin doing her Like A Version and then Richard came out all calm and collected, radiating Dad vibes, it was all so surreal.”

Not only was Lynn signed with Universal last October, she also released Already Home through her own record company, Minkowski Records, relating back to the mathematician’s space/time graph taking her on another journey of exploring and life lessons. “I didn’t want to sign too early to a record label, especially whilst l am working things out and writing my own stuff,” she explains. “Having distribution to Kobalt to get songs out on music sites, I later told my manager that I aimed to start my own record label, recalling that Kobalt mentioned they did label services without any of the ‘signing your rights away’ policies. This has been extremely helpful giving me more freedom, flexibility and the ability to change release dates.”

News on the street is that Lynn will soon be returning to Australia to work on some exciting new ventures. “I am graduating in May, and then I’ll be back and announcing a few tours soon. I’ll also be recording as soon as I get back around early June!”