Hockey Dad is a duo on the verge of greatness. Having reached #54 on triple j’s Hottest 100 with their single Homely Feeling, it’s clear that the surf-rock outfit is ready to leave their mark on the Australian music scene. Close to releasing their upcoming album Blend Inn, the follow up to 2016’s debut Boronia, one thing is clear – it’s a bloody good one!

The fast-paced, punk style of Billy Fleming’s drums is executed in perfect synchronisation with Zach Stephenson’s jangly guitar – the album’s anthemic choruses and ever-confident vocals help to give life to their unmistakable and infectious brand of rock-pop.

It’s the album you’ll always want to play in your car when driving to work – and have blasting in the background while you get your daily tasks underway. The perfect execution of songwriting and music makes every track single-worthy and showcases a large sense of maturity for such a young band. The album showcases a great deal of variety with a wide range of punk-influenced pop songs such as Homely Feeling to more restrained songs such as Join The Club.

Hockey Dad have experienced a significant amount of growth over the past 18 months and this is quite clear throughout the new album, which delivers a greater sense of perspective.

Blend Inn holds onto the charm and energy of youth which won their fan’s hearts originally – the playfulness, the edge, that quintessential Hockey Dad surf-rock sound – but it comes to us in a much more mature context – from two people with an expanded musical mindset.

 Blend Inn by Hockey Dad is out 9 February under record label, Farmer & Owl via Inertia Music.