Music is an essential part of our everyday lives. We often listen to music while we commute to work, to motivate us to complete those boring household chores, and most importantly, we love to head out to a gig or music festival after a long week of work to wind down. Due to new government regulations arising from COVID-19, all gigs and festivals have been cancelled nationwide, silencing the live Australian music scene.

The Australian music industry needs your help more now than ever. Artists, crew and music workers are among some of the most vulnerable with regards to job stability and mental wellbeing.

Over the last week or so, COVID-19 has devastated the industry, leading to the cancellation of thousands of events and threatening the livelihood of an entire sector. These people have lost income that cannot be replaced.

The music-world has historically banded together to donate time and money to those in need, as seen recently with bushfire relief. Now they need the Australian music-loving public to do the same, so these musicians can continue to do what they love and us music lovers can return to gigs, our safe havens.

To help support our Aussie musicians over the next few months (or however long this uncertainty will last for), Lunchbox will be running a #LunchBoxAussieMusicCampaign.

Each day I will share some ways (via our Facebook page) you can support those musicians who have been impacted by this crisis. This may be through encouraging our followers to buy your merch, sharing new music people can buy, or promoting your online music such as livestream home concerts, etc.

Lunchbox was originally created by Brynn to champion our Australian and New Zealand artists and that is what we will always continue to do. I’d love to hear any ideas you have, see anything cool you’re working on, or hear any other ways the Lunchbox community can support you during this time. Please message our Facebook page or email

Here are some ways you can support live music over the next few months:

  1. Buy merch or art from your favourite artists or creators.
  2. Buy or stream your fave artists’ music.
  3. Support your fave artists and creators on Patreon or YouTube if they are offering membership subs.
  4. Like, follow and share social media posts. Help your fave artists’ reach new audiences.

If you are in a position to do so, you can donate some spare change to Support Act. This vital music charity provides crisis relief services to artists, roadies and music workers directly affected during this difficult time.

You can donate here.