I was introduced to Hatchie last year after her breakout single Try was released and have been infatuated ever since.

A masterful blend of vocal melodies and jangly guitar had myself and many others entranced by the Brisbane artist. Hatchie delivers a sweet dream-pop experience on Sugar & Spice EP through Ivy League Records which is sure to charm fans and newcomers alike.

After a trail of bright and bubbly singles, Hatchie finally offers an extended release and does not disappoint. Five tracks long, the EP is filled to the brim with the colour and character that has achieved Hatchie so much success.

Try still charms 12 months after its initial release and remains Hatchie’s biggest and bubbliest hit. It boasts an instrumental that sounds like a 12-inch kids’ piano and a confetti-explosion of a chorus. The song introduced me and most to the artist and remains my favourite Hatchie track to date.

The sophomore single Sure is one of the dreamiest tracks on the EP and definite contender for best Hatchie song. It features the jangliest guitar on the EP paired with angelic melodies for a dreamlike soundscape.

The titular track Sugar & Spice is one of the most upbeat on the album and one of my newest go-to Hatchie tracks. The ‘You don’t call me baby‘ line of the song is one of the dreamiest on the EP.

I wasn’t overly enthused with Sleep upon its original single release, but given some time with the EP I came around to the upbeat feel and happy synths.

The newest track on the EP, Bad Guyis the most sombre song from Hatchie, yet really provides some emotional range on the track list.

The lone grievance I had with the EP is in regards to the single releases, in which four of the five tracks EP had been released as singles. By the time the EP was released, I had already listened to each track countless times. This is easily forgivable however as I loved each track.

I’m sure that Hatchie is too sweet for some, but with its melodic charm and jangly guitars, Hatchie’s Sugar & Spice EP is sure to appeal to the sweet tooth of many. For a fulfilling dream-pop experience look no further.


Released: 25 May via Ivy League Records