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Seemingly effortlessly, Golden Vessel (aka Max Byrne) has slipped into the electronic music zeitgeist in Australia with songs that seep beautifully into our ears. Following on from his debut EP of last year, Before Sleep, Golden Vessel, now signed to Danny Harley’s (The Kite String Tangle) label, Exist. Recordings, has stepped up his production and his collaborations on Right/Side.

Starting with the pulsing Shoulders featuring the vocal of fellow Brisbanites Elkkle and Mallrat, the latter in a different capacity to how we usually hear her. It’s an off-kilter, but smooth introduction to the six-track EP that flows delicately into the title track, featuring – for the first time – Golden Vessel’s own vocal. Although not being used to hearing his own voice, Byrne’s low-end delivery fits in particularly well to the airy track.

Although not used to hearing his own voice, Byrne’s low-end delivery fits in particularly well to the airy track.

There’s a sense of space and motion in Golden Vessel’s tracks that build throughout the 21-minute release. Daylight features good friend Emerson Leif and Elkkle again, but this time, the rap-style vocal of Elkkle picks up the pace over the spaced-out production before being brought back to the mellow voice of Emerson Leif. It’s this juxtaposition of collaborators that show how far Golden Vessel has come.

Cylinder Snow, an interesting little instrumental segue, exhibits Byrne in pure production mode and points in a direction of space and light that present as common themes of the EP.

Tell The-Girl is a perfectly compiled piece of pop-electronica that sees the return of Emerson Leif. By the time we’ve hit the final track, a collaboration with good buds OKBADLANDS, we are about as chill as we can get. It’s a refreshing and uplifting finale to the EP with some intriguing minor chord melodic lines that dance over the moody bass.

The EP is a triumph for this young producer, particularly as he as he works through his final year of uni. It certainly showcases his skills at compiling a fantastic guest list of collaborators that complement his style perfectly. The sky is the space that Golden Vessel works within and it is almost certainly the limit of his ability; endless.

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