In a world of alternative, pop and electronic artists, there’s a local Sydney band who combines all three! By the name of Glades, this young trio of creatives has found a place for themselves in playlists, car radios, and festival line-ups all around the nation.I was lucky enough to sit down with two out of the three-piece, (Joey you were very missed!) just days before the release of their debut album.  

 Cam and Karina were having a quiet-ish day in Melbourne preparing for the release of To Love You – the highly anticipated and years in the making debut album (which is incredible, by the way).  

 The electro-pop trio met in high school, starting out with just Joey and Cam as best mates. They knew Karina, from the grade below, had a stellar voice and decided to start a band.  

 Although starting out not knowing each other all that well, as the trio have travelled together and spent days on end in the studio, they have definitely grown into the BFF title.

“We know each other really really well now… The coolest part about our band I think is that we’re actually based on true friendship,” says Cam. 

 Like most bands, Glades’ sound has grown and evolved more and more over the years. Starting out with a very dreamy, ambient and natural sound, Karina says now, “We’ve created more of a pop sound I think and you’ll be able to hear that in the development of our music in this next album,”

“We have still kind of got that spacious sound but it’s a bit more on the pop side,” she added.  

 It seems to me like this group has grown mountains over recent years, finding themselves as young adults along with maturing their sound too.


With nearly three years in the making, Glades debut album To Love You is finally here. And while my chat with the crew happened just days before the release, we did get to chat about their newly released single Nervous Energy and what to expect on the project as a whole.

In the short weeks Nervous Energy has been out and streaming on platforms worldwide, it has packed up well over half a million plays on Spotify. 

Cam says the song, “Feels really relatable to them [the fans] and for us, it’s such a nice feeling that we’ve written something that people can connect to.”

Karina continued, “It’s a little bit flirty and a little bit fun… you know when you first meet someone and you’re talking or whatever and there’s that flirty nervous energy… That’s kind of what the song is about.” 

As for the album, it’s been a huge journey for Glades through the writing process. “The album as a whole is about love and the fact that there isn’t just one kind of love (the romantic side) but there are so many different aspects of it…” Karina explained.

The album explores a multifaceted journey of love, not a “two-dimensional love”, and it’s this journey that Karina hopes audiences will hear and share in on To Love You.

“… it’s important to explore that… to love your friends and the people around you and to love yourself and put worth on yourself…” she added, perfectly articulating the sentiment of the album.

Differing from previous releases, Glades has found the whole experience of building their complete body of work quite immersive. There is a different more emotional and vulnerable side to the band that fans may not have heard before, expressed in the artwork, the track list, the live performances and the story the album tells in itself.

“It’s a new side to Glades that people might not have heard before,” says Karina.  

Excited to take their loved-up album nationwide, Glades are most looking forward to playing again in Melbourne, of course, their hometown shows and visiting Adelaide for the first time too.

Make sure you grab a ticket to one of their shows quickly before it sells out!  

To Love You Tour

24 November 2018Corner Hotel, Richmond, VIC 

30 November 2018, Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Perth, WA 

01 December 2018, Jive, Adelaide, SA 

06 December 2018, Metro Theatre, Sydney, NSW 

07 December 2018, Woolly Mammoth, Fortitude Valley, QLD