Friday is a great day for new music and if there’s anyone that knows how to feed us fresh tunes just in time for knock-off, it’s Melbourne’s Yeo. This electro-pop artist has been drip-feeding us tracks from his brand new album Desire Path over the past months as we get to the pointy end and prepare for the full album to drop.

With just one more song to tease us next week, have a listen to his latest drop – his collaboration with Fractures on Chasing Shadows, an effortlessly cool track that will help you glide into the weekend without a care in the world.

I asked Yeo a few questions over his lunch.

Where did your musical career begin?
I started playing the piano when I was seven years old, and my mum often had the radio in the car tuned to easy listening stations. In highschool, my taste graduated to ska-punk, hip hop and heavy metal and from there I smothered my ears with jazz while studying music technology at university. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with pop music. The fourth song I ever wrote went to air on national radio when I was 19 years old. Shortly after, I refused my first and only offer from a major record label and the rest is obscure history!

What happens on a typical Yeo day?
Wake up, check social media, stretch, run or swim (only every second day), savoury brunch, check social media, emails and admin, cigarette while checking social media, head to the shed* and make music or work on other people’s music until hungry or my brain goes dead, check social media, cook dinner**, clean up, back to the shed* and either practice DJing or make more music until bedtime!
Trying to cut down on that social media use…

*During summer months only
**May also be a late lunch

You’re releasing a single a fortnight ’till the album drops on 18 August – what was the inspiration behind drip-feeding tracks from Desire Path?
Music PR in Australia can be pretty lame. As an independent musician, I have limited resources, and I’m not going to hedge all of them on one or two singles only to have them rejected by the Australian public. So instead, I’m putting lots of songs out. It’ll make my followers happy, and we get to make a big deal about all the special collaborations that have happened on the album. Everybody wins! (except the people who don’t like me, ha ha).


Where did your record the album and what sort of equipment did you use?
I mostly made it in my shed on my laptop with Ableton, a squillion soft-synths, Cubase, a MOTU Ultralite sound card and a Rode NT2000 microphone. The same combo I’ve used for years. I have a Squier tele with rusty strings and a Tokai EB bass both DI’d into the MOTU. There are a few hardware synths and a Wurlitzer which I sampled from the studio owned by my friend Joelistics. Otherwise, everything’s in the box. I can’t really afford to get anything cooler yet…

Who did you work on it with?
Asta, Oliver White, Kira Puru, Fractures and Take Your Time are feature artists on the record. Andrei Maberley is the mixing engineer (which is a first for me to have someone else take the reins). Adam Dempsey mastered the record. Ruwan De Silva has drawn the beautiful artwork for the album cover and for each single. Everyone has done an excellent job, and I’m proud to call them all friends.

Can you give us a little-known fact about you?
I often alternate my watch between my left and right wrist and it feels totally natural. I started doing it to avoid watch-tan. Now I have dual watch-tan.

What’s the last full album you listened to?

What do you hope people will feel like when listening to your new album?
I hope they will feel like treating everyone around them with love and respect, and also maybe turning their phone off for a bit.

Take in all of the drip-fed tracks on Yeo’s Spotify or Soundcloud as we eagerly await the album, dropping on 18 August.