There’s a feeling of nostalgia that accompanies Sloan Peterson’s music. With just two tracks released thus far, the atmosphere generated leads us to a destination that is still on the horizon. However, the fuzzy 1950s garage-pop style, an ’80s-inspired name and modern sensibilities mean that there is a lot to absorb from this Sydney act along the way.

The woman behind the moniker is Joannah Jackson, a 24-year-old from the Inner West of Sydney. Progressing from the indie-punk sound of her previous outfit Black Zeroes to this solo project has seen a transformation of style and character, but the garage sound remains, giving a raw edge to her music which defies the slickly produced sounds of today.

With attention from BBC Radio 1, spring and summer festivals beckoning and an EP coming soon, Sloan is a Friday Find that seems to be blooming into something special very soon.

I asked Joe a few questions about her beginnings.


I love that you are keeping the spirit of Ferris Bueller alive with your name, when did you first watch the movie?
I first watched the movie when I was about 11. I basically watched it religiously! So yup, I’m one of those people who watches movies or listens to songs on repeat until people aka my mum would either hide my VHS tapes and ‘misplace’ my CDs. Sorry anyone who has to put up with me.

What were your musical beginnings?
I danced for years and did musicals from the age of five to 14, I also played keys at church on sundays when I was younger and played clarinet in the school band, but when I was 16 the clarinet wasn’t very cool so I picked up the guitar and have never looked back! I studied contemporary music after high school that’s when I started my first band called Black Zeros – it was a pop-punk band I still play some revamped versions of the songs I wrote from that band.

Your song, 105, really caught my ear when I first heard it. What does the number signify?
Ha ha, the number is nothing actually. It was kinda word vomit when we were jamming on the song. I was humming the melody and then I just sang the opening lines “took a one way street to far, broke down on the 105” and we went from there.

Who are your musical inspirations?
I’m utterly in love with George Harrison. The Beatles are my biggest influence I listen to them basically every day! I’m trying to broaden music library though. I also love Brenton Wood – he writes the catchiest love songs, I’m a sucker for love that’s for sure. But a more current band I have a massive obsession with at the moment is The Lemon Twigs. We played with them on Saturday and they just blew me away! Total rock stars!


Sloan Peterson will join Violent Soho, Cloud Control and The Kite String Tangle at Yours & Owls’ The Last Frost Festival on 19 August as well as Sounds Of The Suburbs on the 3 September. Her debut EP is due out in September.