The Northern Beaches of NSW attracts a lot of clean-cut, wealthy conservatives, so when I found out that young punk/garage group, Crocodylus hail from the area, I was intrigued.

Starting as a duo, Stephen Sacco and Josh Williams switched between drums and guitar, but at an outdoor house gig one day they realised that they didn’t have the big sound they wanted, so they decided to bring in a mate of a mate, Mikel Salvador, to take up the sticks.

In another time and place, the duo could have had a different name – originally dubbed Willy Sack, a combination of surnames, not quite making the cut. Now as a three-piece, the band have supported other up and coming garage and punk bands like Skegss, The Pinheads, Pist Idiots and The Ruminaters and will line up with Camp Cope, WAAX and Bleeding Knees Club at the Sounds Of The Suburbs festival in September.

Speaking to Josh from the band, he laments the lack of venues in his area, with the venue for their first gig, La De Da in Mona Vale, now closed. “After that there’s been nothing. We need something like Rad Bar in Wollongong up here.” You can find the group occasionally at the Steyne in Manly or spinning around the Inner-West of Sydney.

Following on from their debut EP, Bummed Out, released at this time last year, they have released their newest single, Christian Syrups. The ambiguous title could be explained in many ways, but Josh admits, “It’s literally just rhymes with our friend’s name. Christian Syrups is a character that wants to take over the world. There’s not that many lyrics, but that’s the gist of it.” The cover art was created by their buddies from fellow Northern Beaches band The Ruminaters.

The two and a half minute punk number starts with some echoey spaghetti Western-style guitar, but transforms into a straight ahead garage rock number, with Josh’s vocal on reverb giving it a summery surf vibe. This is quite coincidental, seeing as though none of the guys in the band can surf. “We like the beach, but none of us surf. People always ask us! We probably should start to.”