In looking for a fresh pick for today’s column, I scoured the upcoming BIGSOUND line-up to find someone new that I wanted to check out at next week’s conference in Brisbane (catch us there next week from Monday to Saturday!) BOAT SHOW, with their fun garage-punk sound, caught my ear straight away.

They could have been a dream-pop band. Ali Flintoff, lead singer, writer and also a member of Dream Rimmy (an actual dream-pop band) was fiddling around with songs for a new group with her mates and instead of going down the same path as her other group, and decided to try something new.

The result is a raucous, punky, garage sound that is about as far from her other group as you can get.

Joined by her best mate, Jenny Aslett, singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly, another good friend Indigo Foster-Tuke on bass and eventually George Foster on drums, the group have already released their debut album, cheekily titled Groundbreaking Masterpiece featuring short, sharp and satisfying garage numbers like Cis White Boy and Suss. Ali admits, “They’re just the same structure as any other pop song, but they’re just played really fast!”

Some of the tracks are political and cover topics including misogyny, but the approach is more sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek than too serious. Ali reveals, “I was being a bit sarcastic in terms of saying things that I wouldn’t be able to say in person. I guess I was venting all of my frustrations in a tongue in cheek sort of way.”

One track from the album, The Big Smoke, takes a particularly cheeky jab at friends leaving their home of Perth for Melbourne.

“All my friends are moving to Melbourne because they want to fucking die.”

Ali laughs it off though. “I don’t have a thing against Melbourne at all. I love Melbourne! It’s just a frustration of heaps of friends blaming Perth for being unhappy!” Unsurprisingly, the band plan on staying in Perth, but pop up regularly on the east coast.

BIGSOUND will feature not only BOAT SHOW, but also Flintoff’s other band with Jenny Aslett, Dream Rimmy, and bandmate Stella Donnelly also features in solo mode. I ask her about the upcoming festival. “It’s going to be super fun. I’m so excited! I’ve heard such fun things about it!”

I was intrigued to play a little game of word association with Ali:

  • Pauline Hanson – “Dickhead”
  • Taylor Swift – “Amazing”
  • Peter Dutton – “Rock Star” (I’m not sure if she was being sarcastic)
  • Best Perth Band – “Hideous Sun Demon”
  • Australian Music – “Great!”

If you’re at BIGSOUND, check out BOAT SHOW at The Foundry on Wednesday from 9:10pm or on Thursday at 8:20pm in the Heya Bar.