Bangerz & Trash is an interesting album. With track titles such as Shoey, Hamburger Pussy, Peaked in High School, and Whatcha Fucking Looking At – you can’t help but judge a book by its cover. However, when you actually listen to the album – you are greeted with unexpected, pleasant satire disguised as rock hits that will have you rocking out to the music as well as laughing in hysteria.

After experimenting with a few satire meets rock tracks back in 2015 such as the popular Friendzone – YouTube sensation Frenchy is back with his first full-length album, Bangerz & Trash.  You may have already heard Shoey, Friendzone and Bladelyf and fortunately, the rest of the album lives up to the already high standard these tracks have left for any Frenchy fan.

Let’s be real – Frenchy clearly doesn’t have the voice of an angel and you’ll be thankful when the collaborations take over – but the comedy and musical elements will drown that out for you. Also, can we remain angry at the fact Catfish wasn’t included in the tracklist? That shit is hilarious!

Recorded at Hill Valley Studios with Murray Sheridan – the album includes collaborations with Zach Gervaise who we already fell in love with in Friendzone and Catfish – as well as James Vann (The VANNS) and Joshua Vincent Steven (Arcane Echo).

With an album name such as Bangerz & Trash, it seems unacceptable to give it anything above a 2-star rating. However, it’s safe to say that this banger of an album is absolutely anything but trash and truly deserves it’s current 4.5 iTunes rating for Shoey, Bladelyf and Friendzone.

Bangerz & Trash will be out February 19 independently released by Benjamin French and Zachary Gervaise.