Listening to Bloody Lovely by DZ Deathrays will make you hot and dizzy when you’re whipping your hair around in circles to the poetically brutal and beautiful beats.

The lads haven’t thrown away the sound they’re well-known and loved for. They haven’t created an entire new album of absolute dog crap, nor have they completely plagiarised their last few which is an easy thing to do. The beloved band have managed to maintain the same sound but evolved it into something different and mature. 

Bloody Lovely contradicts itself because it’s not the sort of album that you only want to play when you feel sad, happy or alone. It is an emotional multitasking of albums if there ever was one. It’s a blistering summer here in Australia now, so if you didn’t get the chance to shred for your sought after bod beforehand have a listen to the track Shred For Summer. The intro is reminiscent of Black Sabbath and will have your insecurities flying out the door. Listen while you’re contently sunbaking nude in the backyard under the sweltering heat.   

The track Total Meltdown is surely one we can all relate to – possibly on a daily basis. The guitar solos featured are like cherries on top of whipped cream – drool-worthy. Listen while you’re staring absent-mindedly down the barrel of an empty bottle in hand with a half burnt ciggie hanging desperately from your parched lips. 

On the track Feeling Good, Feeling Great, Shane Parsons sings about having your face on the floor – again. Faces pressed up against the wall and floor seems to be a recurring theme in DZ lyrics. Have the lads had a few too many nights of debauchery? Listen while you’re muzzing out on the couch at a party having eaten too much special K for breakfast and wearing two-day old soiled clothing. 

Play Guillotine at your own goddamn tearful funeral. Not to be ironic – it’s just a great song.

High is deep, dark, meaningful, and very emo. Each song from the album Bloody Lovely is like a warm fuzzy comforting embrace, perfect for every occasion.

Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley are not rockstars – they’re rock wizards. Their album will bring your mostly-dead soul back to life. The tunes are a toss-up between being a little bit metal, a little bit rock, and a little bit emo. The lyrics will make you question life and yet make you forget about it too. The combination of hard fast-paced trashy guitar riffs, great vocals, ear-splitting guitar solos contrasted against the thrashing of drums with brute-force by Ridley are eargasmic and as joyous as a kinder surprise.

Bloody Lovely will make your body tingle all over – it’s fun, dirty, and hard.

A bunch of party bangaz that’s fo’ sho’!


Released: 2 February, 2018 via I OH YOU