Melbourne rockers Drunk Mums have returned with a rejuvenated take on the leather-clad, boisterous brand of punk rock that has fans frothing with their new album Urban Cowboy.

Such a return has been marked by a rollicking new single, Phantom Limb – a perfect example of Drunk Mums’ new output: catchy, frenzied and steeped in rich riffs and grit.

To celebrate the release of the album, the band headed out on the road, taking in venues on the east coast with the most ideal tour partners – New York’s own, Dirty Fences. 

The band’s central ethos of presenting no-holds-barred rock music in its most undiluted form has continued to shine with Phantom Limb and throughout Urban Cowboy, and has shown that Drunk Mums’ time on the road over the last few years touring – including sold out shows in Australia, Europe and Indonesia – has most certainly added to the finessing of this sound.

Make no mistake, Drunk Mums haven’t lost any of their cheekiness or rambunctious swagger, but this new music positions the band in a more developed creative space. 

 “I’m so stoked to have this new music out there. It’s probably the quickest turnaround we’ve ever done in terms of recording and putting it out there,” said Drunk Mums’ bass player, Adam Ritchie.

“The reaction to it has been great! Heaps of mates and even people I don’t know have been coming up to me and saying, ‘This is probably the best song you’ve done,’ so that’s been pretty good.”

Rhythmic, forceful and sonically bright, the new music from Drunk Mums is a heavy dose of rock music that the band is stoked to be unveiling.

Recorded by bass player Adam Ritchie and mastered by Mikey Young (who recorded the album over three days in the studio), Drunk Mums laid this music down in May after spending April writing and developing new ideas.

“Half of it sounds like what our dads would have listened to, and the other half is what our younger fans would chuck on.” 

“Lyrically, the album is all over the place,” Ritchie noted. “There’s one song called Phantom Limb and that’s about how people sometimes feel like their limb is still attached when it’s been amputated.

“Hellfire is about being a masochist, so getting off on being in pain – I don’t actually feel that, but I think it’s funny that people feel that.

Ritchie explained that the development of Drunk Mums’ sound is a follow on from their previous two albums, informed by music from the seventies and pinpointing their genre as “straight up rock n’ roll”.

“I hope this inspires our listeners to search for more older music.”  

Urban Cowboy is an album which represents the band as a whole, hence the album title.

“We’re all from small towns and we’ve all moved to Melbourne, so that represents us just like the title of our second album, Gone Troppo – it’s a similar take on that. “ 

The band has celebrated the release of Urban Cowboy by hitting the road, naturally, touring nationally and internationally.

“It’s been great! Touring overseas has definitely been a highlight for me,” Ritchie explained before adding, “but I haven’t enjoyed waking up hungover (laughs).” 

Drunk Mums want to continue doing, what they’ve always loved, which is making music for others to enjoy.

Guitarists Dean Whitby and Jake Doyle started the band a few years ago, but it wasn’t until Ritchie met them in Cairns that he was recruited along with Jonny Badlove on drums.

“When Jake and Dean used to play music together, they would sometimes play at an old blues club and the audience would be actual drunk mums, hence the band name,” Ritchie explained.

The band has their sights set on the US, determined and now equipped with the connections to make it happen. But they haven’t lost sight of why they want to head international, either.

“I just want people to be able to be influenced by a lot of music and want people to be able to let music fall into their laps.

“I hope our music inspires them to do just that.”

NYE Party, December 31, The Northern, Byron Bay NSW