I’ve always been a fan of British music first and foremost. Ever since rock’n’roll crossed the pond from its birthplace in the US, the British truly mastered it into ways that culminated in groups as legendary as The Beatles all the way up to Radiohead – there’s something so beautiful about British culture that lends itself so perfectly to rock’n’roll.

Despite my love for British music however, through my time writing for Lunchbox – a publication that caters solely towards music from Australia and New Zealand – I have been led to believe that Australia is producing, in my opinion, some of the best music that the world has to offer in today’s modern musical landscape. With this in mind, it seems only fitting that I would eventually become immersed in the music of DMA’s, a band from Sydney that is known for adopting many aspects of British music – particularly that of the Britpop era of ’90s rock’n’roll.

Their sophomore album For Now – released today – is in many ways a love note to such legendary Manchestian bands as Oasis and The Stone Roses. It’s no surprise to anyone that the trio consisting of Tommy O’Dell, Johnny Took and Matt Mason is greatly influenced by the music from this era and this album truly explores some of the best aspects of that.

The album starts strong with its titular track giving me nostalgic Britpop vibes of some of Oasis’ earliest works – particularly the song Columbia from their debut album – Definitely Maybe. I can already picture this song to be an absolute crowd favourite with amazing “jump around and lose your shit” potential. In true Oasis fashion, it is the rowdiest entry on the album and I cannot wait to see it performed live.

Although on the surface level the band may look a little comparable to the kind of guys that would roll you at 3AM in a Macca’s carpark, they create some of the most beautiful music to come out of modern rock’n’roll. I found myself immediately captivated by my personal favourite tracks on the album – In the Air and Health – a showcase of Tommy O’Dell’s angelic voice and the band’s overall artistry. It’s quite fitting that Liam Gallagher himself described the album as “biblical.”

Although I am unable to determine if I prefer For Now to the band’s debut, Hills End, it is undeniable that this album shows a level of maturity both emotionally and musically. DMA’s are easily one of the best bands in the country and honestly, I’m just holding out until I get to see these songs played live.

Although it took me a few listens to be able to fully appreciate this album, I believe it is one that will stick with me for a long time.


Released: 27 April via I OH YOU