Classically trained singer, songwriter, dancer and actor Dinley Jones made his debut into his solo musical career with his single Radio. 

Whilst Radio marks his first official release in the music industry, it is far from his first experience as a performer. Dinley has been performing on stages since 2011, when his singing teacher got him to audition for the Capitol Theatre Production of Mary Poppins and he was accepted.

With the release of Radio, Dinley is ready to show the world what he’s got. 

“It feels incredible [to have released the track]… It’s finally out there and being presented to the world. It feels like the best feeling that you could possibly experience,” Dinley said.

“The response we’ve received has been overwhelming. We’ve been doing the tour at the same time – the school tour around Sydney.”

To celebrate the release of Radio, Dinley performed an Australian High School tour where he played for Central Sydney Intensive High School, Kingsgrove North, Doonside Tech, Swansea High, Charlton Christian, Jannali High, Strathfield Girls and St Mary’s Cathedral.  

“The tour went off… Phil [Anquetil, producer] and I were wondering how we could approach it and thinking, ‘This doesn’t sound right. This doesn’t fit. This doesn’t feel comfortable. How would we do this?’

“Some of those songs we thought might not have fit, came out being some of the favourites of the whole set list. You never know. When you think something of one song and it comes out another way, it’s incredible. 

“We got to sign some incredible things. We got to sign an Opal Card, a couple of sarees and the back of a school ID. We got to sign some foreheads and some forearms. People will think of the craziest things for you to sign.”  

Showing a maturity and work ethic beyond his years, Dinley has pushed himself to master a repertoire of talents including juggling, card magic, ventriloquism, acrobatics, and dancing.

This drive and assortment of talents led him to be picked up by a dance school where he worked full-time as a dancer.  

From this experience, Dinley has seen himself perform under national spotlights including performances on X Factor in a boy group, the 2014 and 2015 NSW Eisteddfod Opera House finals and a list of performances and workshops throughout America.  

“Making the move from a boy group to a solo act has enabled me to really push my boundaries creatively and what I’ve been dreaming of my entire life…Working in a group was an incredible experience, but working solo has been beyond anything I can compare it to.” 

Stemming from a performance and musical background, Dinley wrote Radio with the intention of creating something authentic and silly to inspire people to enjoy themselves.

Produced by Philippe-Marc Anquetil (One Direction, Little Mix, Jessie JRadio is full of a playful arrangement of live instrumentation, upbeat tempos and lighthearted lyricism intended to invigorate energy.

The breakdown of the track allows Dinley to flex his impressive vocal range whilst also setting a comical mood to build into the final hook. “We wanted to go for something that was just exciting and fun for young ages and old ages and people to just be happy and to relate to themselves. We were going for a very dance-y vibe.

“I’m a performer. I love to perform and I love to be a showman on stage, so we wanted something that was fun, upbeat and creative – that dance-y aesthetic in that context for myself and for the audience.” 

Dinley’s repertoire of talents were showcased with the accompanying music video that will blow your mind.   

“We had a couple of meetings with the director, animator, producer and manager… We really wanted something that was going to display my personality, the world and the aesthetic I wanted to create surrounding the music. 

“We didn’t want it to come across as too serious or too pander-y.”

Dinley emphasises that though he is a classically trained dancer, a lot of his tricks were self-taught, including acrobatics, card magic, juggling and ventriloquism.

The single Radio is a preview into the album which Philippe-Marc Anquetil also produced. With a full set of tracks locked and loaded for release, the next 12 months are set to be epic for the young musician.  

“When we created the album, we used Radio as our starting point… The entire album fits around that style and genre… We want people to really lose themselves in the fun of it all. 

Dinley says that whilst he loves big and bold performance, his love of ballads is rooted in his classical training, coming through in a few of his slower tracks: “I had to, in my heart, do one or two songs to pull back and really show my emotional side.”

And none of this would be possible without a great mentor.

“Phil is the most incredible person in the world. He’s a mentor, he’s a friend, he’s a family member, he’s everything. He’s truly put his heart and soul into it. He really cares about me…”

Radio is definitely not the last Australia will see of Dinley Jones and, as he said himself, “Live it, love it, share it, because it’s taking over.”