Interning at APRA AMCOS has been a dream, but making this playlist to showcase artists and bands tops it all. The Australian music scene is so diverse and has so much to offer, it can be hard to highlight everyone at times! Please check out my playlist and give it a follow if you are digging these songs and let’s support Australian music together!

From all the songs I’ve dug through, researched and finally added, these are my favourite 7 songs from my APRA AMCOS playlist so far:

1. Just A Man – Good Morning 

I have been following this Melbourne outfit Good Morning ever since the release of Shawcross in 2014. There has never been a time when the vibe isn’t right for their laid-back garage pop style, with insanely catchy guitar hooks and lyrics, it is my go-to when in need to just chill out.

 2. Sexy Whale Beach Party – WHALEHOUSE

I stumbled across WHALEHOUSE while looking for new independent music to put on the playlist, and I got more than I deserved with this one. For a debut single, they have invited us to one hell of a party that is undeniably so much fun. Can’t wait to see what’s more to come from this female-fronted, new wave punk gem.

 3. Ascension – Dorsal Fins 

Ascension is one of those rare instrumental tracks that flows, shifts and changes all in a beautiful 5:26min structure. It truly reminds me of the ability that Australian bands have in creating music and demonstrating to the world that our industry is flourishing at the moment.

4. Run It By Me – Human Movement

There have been several dance tracks in the playlist as I also love the good ol’ house and techno genre on most occasions, although discovering Human Movement was by far the latest electronic Australian banger I’ve heard in a while. Combining pop themes with Eliot Porter’s vocals and a house/techno rhythm of the drums, it was a perfect choice to add to the playlist on Friday to gear up for the weekend.

5. Eden – Turtle Skull

Turtle Skull are from the same local area of mine in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and when I saw these guys do their magic for the first time, I was truly in awe. Their ability to create sound and send you into these trances are the reason why psychedelic rock bands exist. From krautrock madness to their self-acclaimed genre ‘Flower-Doom’ watch out for this band as they transcend into higher beings.

6. Sex Crystals – Fascinator 

If anything, if you haven’t watched the music video for this song, then you will understand. The crazy, wild, psychedelic pop song had my feet tapping from the start. Having seeing Fascinator at Laneway festival in Sydney 2016, I literally cannot wait until I can make his next show. I’m quite sure you’ll see me on the dance floor if you’re also digging this groovy new track.   

7. Day In The Sun – SPOD 

I heard this song the night before I add the weekly 10 new songs on Fridays on FBi Radio while driving home from work. This track from SPOD instantly sent me into a dream world, wishing I was spending a day in the sun, doing absolutely nothing. I honestly think it is one of the catchiest song of the year, with such quirky sounds and effects, I was instantly drawn in and instantly singing along the 1:42min tune.