Australian alternative pop trio Chase Atlantic, have released their much-anticipated debut album.

Brothers Mitchel and Clinton Cave and longtime mate Christian Anthony have released three EPs this year, and I caught up with them to chat about the release of their first self-titled collection.

The debut has been in the works for three years with the trio working on it slowly in the background. There are eight new tracks and six from previous releases. The independent musicians produce and mix their own sounds, so to be able to put out a full album is the biggest step in their career to date.

The guys say they write about their own real-life experiences. “Obviously, a lot of them are exaggerated,” Mitchel said. “I think we’ve just been inspired by all the new music that we’ve been hearing and that we’re kind of drawn to [because of the] production values. There’s a lot of inspiration to this album. It’s very meaningful to us.”

Their last EP included an impressive collaboration with US rappers iLoveMakonnen and K CAMP on No Friends. They’ve continued to explore the potential of collaborations on this album by working with hip hop artist Goon Des Garcons on Consume. Mitchel that says it’s crazy that Goon is the only artist featured on the album because the band has also worked with Mike Posner and a couple of others.

“Goon is a cool guy. We get along with him well, we’re friends and he’s a pretty good artist, and we’re actually going to go party with him tonight, so can’t complain working with him… Our manager was friends with his manager and he just came to LA and they said ‘Let’s link up one day,’ and we did, and we just hung out and it was cool. Just very organic,” Mitchel explains.

With the band releasing so much music in just one year, it’s easy to hear how quickly their sound is evolving. Clinton doesn’t think the evolution will ever stop. “I feel like a lot of people will hear this album and hear some songs and be like ‘Wow, I didn’t expect them to do a song like that.’ We’re all about our variety and not sticking to one genre or one sound,” he explains.

“I think we’re on top of what we want, but I don’t think you can ever fully nail your sound. You can get very close, but it’s going to be constantly evolving and changing,” adds Mitchel.

The band has just finished touring as the support act for Sleeping With Sirens’ Gossip tour, which they describe as an amazing experience that’s helped build their excitement ahead of their own headline tour in late October.

Just two days later, they’ll join the four-night Warped Rewind At Sea tour from New Orleans to Cozumel, where they say they’re looking forward to performing with managers and friends, Good Charlotte.

“It just feels right. It feels like everything’s happening now and we just want to get our first official project out there,” Clinton added.