The line picked up and there was a buzz in the background.

“I’m just in a pub,” Charlie Collins explained.

“It’s like what you should be doing on a Friday in Hobart… it’s by a fireplace, we’re sinking Guinness, it’s exactly what you’d picture.”

I was neither in Hobart nor sinking Guinness and if I’m honest, I felt left out but whatever.

The Sydney-based singer-songwriter deserved to be celebrating. Currently touring with Gang Of Youths on their Say Yes to Life tour, Collins has just announced her first national headline tour for March 2019.

“It’s been awesome,” she said of her last few months, “it’s almost kind of a bit surreal… it makes me feel a bit more legit.”

“It’s been like this big family holiday, we’ve all known each other since we were kids, so it’s been just so fun and the people have been so beautiful and receptive.

“The boys [Gang Of  Youths] are just little darlings, it’s like a beautiful moment of life.”

Growing up in Tamworth, Collins started her musical career at the age of 12 through a series of talent shows, and by 14 she was in her first band.

“It’s definitely been interesting… but also it is quite new for me,” she said, discussing the accelerating success of her solo career.

“It feels new and it’s exciting to just really be me… This is the first time since I was a kid that I’ve just been able to fully be me.”

If you take a listen to any of her songs you’ll hear that Charlie Collins is a storyteller and she isn’t afraid to tell it how it is, “I think people really connect to that authenticity.”

Her latest single, Mexico, is inspired by heartbreak and explores the concept of finding yourself in those moments of adversity.

“A lot of people were just like getting heartbroken and finding themselves… everyone’s stories collated into one song,” Charlie explained.

“My brother was going through a really bad time and he went Mexico to kind of like find himself a bit.”

Whilst travel might be how some cope with heartbreak, Collins turns to songwriting to express her emotions.

“I’m just such an introvert to telling people how I’m feeling and my emotions… I love people opening up to me, but when it’s the other way round I always find it difficult.

“…So things that I can’t necessarily tell people or even know how to say on the spot I just put it all in to songs. It’s like my therapy.”

With a focus on music from such a young age, Charlie Collins has seen her fair share of challenges, wins and losses, and a lot of hard work. Her music holds the talent of a mature musician and reflects her personal diligence in the pursuit of her passion and artform.

“Perseverance has been something that I’ve always kind of worked on,” Charlie added, musing on her career to this point.

“I always pushed through, even though there were times where I feel like I didn’t want to.”

And 2019 is set to take Charlie to new heights, not only with her first headline tour, the promise of her debut album, but also impressive slots at some of Australia’s favourite festivals, including the illustrious Laneway Festival.

“To get that opportunity so early on with this solo project is kind of a dream come true for me,” Charlie explained.

“Then there’s that fear that sinks in, like ‘who the f**k is gonna come?’”

With her edgy, nostalgic and honest rock sound, and her humble disposition, there’s no doubt that Charlie’s tour next year will be a sell-out.

“It’s a bit of an emotional journey, but all in all it’s pretty exciting.”

Charlie Collins Tour

Friday 22 March, The Lansdowne, Sydney NSW

Friday 29 March, Worker’s Club, Melbourne VIC

Saturday 30 March, Black Bear Lodge QLD