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Mixtape: Chase City

Written by on 31 May 2017

I’m Tarik and I play in Chase City. We just released a new single titled A-N-X-T. Upon forming we use to play guitar-based indie music, however in recent times our sound has changed to encompass a lot more synth elements. We will be releasing our debut album in July as well as heading over to [...]

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Mixtape: Ayla

Written by on 28 May 2017

My name is Ayla. I grew up on a property in a house on a hill where I started writing songs. Song 1: Neopolitan Dream - Lisa Mitchell This whole album (Wonder) was one I had on repeat when I was about 12 years old and really starting to put a lot of energy into [...]

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Written by on 26 May 2017

Phoebe Dubar (vocals), Alex Gooding (drums) and Ben Murphy (live production) are the creative minds behind Melbourne’s galactic soul-breaks project, PASSERINE. With two EPs (a third coming soon!) and a handful of new singles under their belts, they are rapidly establishing themselves as an act to watch with their “organic-electronic” sound; an eclectic combination of [...]

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Mixtape: Donatachi

Written by on 25 May 2017

Hi friends it’s me, Donatachi! I made my new song In Rotation so I could escape being a real life responsible adult for three minutes. Gustine’s vocal performance as a six-year-old aerobics instructor high on red cordial really paints the perfect picture of the world I want to live in. If you, like me, enjoy [...]

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Mixtape: Andy Ward

Written by on 23 May 2017

My name is Andy Ward and I’m an electronic music producer and singer/songwriter. I’ve worked on a bunch of other people’s projects locally, but I’ve only started releasing my own stuff in the last six months. I make minimal weirdo electronic songs. Lots of sub, 808s and heartbreak. I only really write about what know, [...]

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Mixtape: Major Leagues

Written by on 17 May 2017

Hi, I'm Anna. I have a dog called Augie. I like eating nachos and looking at dog memes. I just started watching Grey's Anatomy for the first time and started a blog describing stuff that happens on it ( Hmu with submissions.) I'm in a band from Brisbane called Major Leagues. There are four of [...]

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Mixtape: Ginger & The Ghost

Written by on 13 May 2017

Hey this is Ginger & The Ghost and our music is a hyper-real landscape of Australian sound! I've gone from classic Aussie rock to contemporary greats. Song 1: Reckless (Don’t Be So) - Australian Crawl  This song blows our minds because of the emotive slow pace and the vocals and words are bonkers... “Throw down [...]

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Mixtape: Trent Williams

Written by on 5 May 2017

My name is Trent Williams and I’m a Sydney-based folk/pop artist. My music is similar to artists like Vance Joy and Passenger. I take influence from many songwriters, past and present – two personal favourites are Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. My debut EP is out soon and contains my single Annie. Annie is a […]

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Mixtape: Magic Bones

Written by on 1 May 2017

Hi, I'm Kiri from Magic Bones, a band based in Melbourne and Adelaide. We play loud, fuzzy guitars so we can hear each other across states, and we sound a bit like The-B52's cross the Dead Kennedys. We're releasing our debut album later this year. Here are some songs by local Aussie acts that I'm loving, [...]

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Mixtape: Hue Blanes

Written by on 24 April 2017

Hi, my name is Hue Blanes and I’m a piano player/singer/writer/composer. I play original music with a lot of different influences and with an individual style. I love to play the classics but I also love to be innovative with modern forms, modern themes and rhythms included in my songs. Choosing my top ten list was [...]

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