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AYA YVES: On insanity and the birth of a new project

Written by on 31 March 2020

Aya Yves captivates and haunts with her transcendent new single, (in)Sanity, released today and honestly, it’s a bop! I had the pleasure of first listening to this song about a week or so ago, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since! Aya Yves is the new project of singer/songwriter Vendulka, who has transcended her folk-pop […]

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Evol Walks: Our Time is Now – “We are the future”

Written by on 16 February 2019

With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamic lead singer and a predilection for rock and roll, Evol Walks have rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender. Lead by Los Angeles-based Australian singer-songwriter Leah Martin-Brown, these rockers have bagged two EPs, earned plaudits from fans across the world and played across three continents. Evol Walks are […]

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The Dolphin Show: On new music, late night feeds and unlikely festival line ups

Written by on 23 November 2018

Are you a fan of garage-rock? Let us introduce to you to The Dolphin Show. Growing up together in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the formidable foursome has all the attitude and peskiness of your younger brother – except they probably sound better. Their latest single, Pokie Fiend, is a mischevious commentary on Australia’s gaming culture. Don’t be […]

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Planetself: On balance, spirituality and being stoned

Written by on 22 November 2018

“I have no idea. I can’t remember. I’m pretty sure we were stoned.” While soul/hip-hop duo Planetself can only partially recall the mind-fucking conversation which led to their discovery, what they can’t forget is this – the important message they strive to deliver through their music and their love for one another. My conversation with […]

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Illstrtd: On the pros and cons of starting from scratch

Written by on 19 November 2018

Melbourne-based future beats producer Illstrd (Stuart Brander), has chased a nostalgic 90’s vibe with his undeniable summer jam, Ain’t The One. This comes as the producer’s next move after garnishing huge success with his latest single, Work Hard featuring Ceeko, which now sits on more than 150,000 streams on Spotify alone, as well as receiving […]

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Peter Bibby: On storytelling, suffering and ‘Grand Champion’

Written by on 24 October 2018

Perth’s maverick poet Peter Bibby has released his second studio album Grand Champion, taking time out of his national tour to answer a few questions for LunchBox. Your new record Grand Champion has a pretty diverse sound throughout; you’ve got tracks like Hippies that take a softer and quirky, yet still off-the-chain approach. Then you’ve got tracks like […]

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Stand Atlantic: On skinny dipping, square dancing and eating too much Taco Bell

Written by on 17 October 2018

Stand Atlantic, made up of Bonnie Fraser (vocals/guitar), David Potter (guitar) and Jonno Panichi (drums), launched into the international eye following the release of their Sidewinder EP. The group’s blend of hard-charged rock and soaring pop melodies quickly earned them a home on international tours with the likes of New Found Glory, Neck Deep and […]

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