Cabu won over the hearts of many in 2017 with his debut EP, Twenty Three. Now he’s back for more with the release of an exclusive remix edition of the record.

The Sydney musician said it felt amazing to get some new music out there and he was overwhelmed with the positive response he had received from it in the first 24 hours.

“A lot of people are really vibing with it. I’ve been getting a lot of DMs and messages like, ‘Yo, man. Your track’s sick,'” Cabu said.

The record features a remix of Crazy by Joe Hertz as well as re-workings by the likes of Hollow, Charming Lips, DRKTMS and K, LE Maestro. Each track delivers its own unique sound.

“The first track is a bunch of that super-housey sort of cruiser-type, fall to the floor kind of beats. But it’s super chill. Track two, the Hollow remix is just super. Just packed with energy. It’s really just a dance floor filler basically. It’s full of energy.

He then went on to reflect on the various collaborations found throughout the release, including working with Korean guitarist Charming Lips.

“It was funny because on Instagram he hit me up. He was doing a cover of the original and I was so blown away by it. So I was like, ‘Bro, I have to get you on the track. We have to do a remix together.’ Yeah, that ones really down-tempo, real sexy. Yeah, I love that, that’s my babe right there.”

“DRKTMS is another chill house cruiser-type beat. Really chill. It’s a bit more mellow than Hollow. But it’s still really chill, really cruisey.

“The last is by K, Le Maestro. He’s this really talented beat maker right now based in London. He just reminds me of a young J Dilla or one of those old school beat makers that’s really focused on real drums and sampling. His stuff harkens back to old school hip hop.”

Cabu said having different remixes of the same track had the potential to alter the impact on its audience.

“I just wanted to see if different producers had their own take on it and see how they perceive it. Then, ingest it and bring it back out again with the different styles to it.

“It brings awareness to the different styles that … I call them my friends, these guys, because you have a lot of back and forth and yeah. So just giving a different perspective on the same track with different talents, different styles from different locations around the world basically.

Crazy was the perfect choice to use for the remix EP because that was the first track that I made for the EP and I was just real proud of that one.

“When I first made it, I made it in about 20 minutes and then I sat on that beat for a few months and I got frustrated because I was trying to get people to jump on the track. I was hearing demos and I wasn’t really happy with it, then out of nowhere, Love Mansuy just jumps on it and totally encapsulates what was in my mind and what I was looking for.”

Remix EPs have rapidly increased over the last year and Cabu said the reason for this was simple.

“I think that when the artist really likes that track, they just want to continue the fire of it, or the meaning of it. For me, it wasn’t anything else but just to get my friends on the track and see their perspective.

“I don’t know, I can’t speak for what other producers or what the industry is like – but for me – that’s what really mattered to me. Just being able to get my mates on there, and see how they saw the track and what they could produce.”

Cabu is currently completing a national Twenty Three tour when we chat, and said things were starting to become a little stressful.

“The tour’s been great. It’s a real process though because there are things you learn, and the thing I learned the most is that sleep is your best friend.

“The first two shows were just back-to-back in different cities, so that’s a real process of something to get used to.

But, the lead up and travelling and then getting set up and worrying about the setlist and all that. Then you get to actually performing, it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, this is what’s up. This is why I was doing this. All the stress leading up, but this is paying off,’ during the performance.”

Cabu has a packed schedule for the rest of the year. He’ll be working with collective creative agencies, St. O’Donnell. They’ll be hooking him up with some artists and more shows.

He also has a bunch of creative ideas he wants to put out into the world including music videos and merchandise.