Lime Cordiale‘s debut album Permanent Vacation drops on 13 October via Chugg Music / MGM.

Because the Oliver and Louis Leimbach obviously had nothing better to do on a Thursday – what with the permanent vacation and all – they decided to paint the album art on a wall at The Lord Gladstone.

Jethro Do Paco checked it out, took some snaps and found out more from the master of the brush, Louis.

“I decided to steer away from the album art and do something a bit different. I was tossing up a bunch of ideas but this mural was based on a lino-cut I did recently.”

“I always love seeing humorous, hand painted signs at protests and this artwork kind of came from that.”

“The guys at The Lord Gladstone are so chill. They’re seriously up for anything. We’ve got our album launch there on October 10th and we’re playing in the beer garden. I think it’s going to get pretty loose and they’re nothing but excited about that.”

[Passers by] “Most people just said ‘so THAT’S how it’s done!’ The thing is… I don’t really know how it’s meant to be done!”

“With a lot of aspects with my art I just do what I think is the best way, whether it be murals or Photoshop. I really need to see how other artists are tackling big murals. But for this one, I just projected up my artwork the night before, traced over it and then spent the next day painting with a brush.”

“I think it’s pretty self explanatory after you’ve read the text and seen the artwork that goes with it. I don’t mind whether people interpret the character as a guy or a girl. “

[On the album] “It’s exciting and a bit scary. We’ve leaked a few songs from the album in addition to the main single already so it’s nice to get reactions on single tunes. Even after recording finished, there’s been a lot of work to do with organising the tour especially.”
“[There’s] lot of new influences that’s for sure.”

“We’ve really refined our recording techniques and there’s a consistency in the sound, even over some contrasting tunes.”

“Some of these songs we wrote years ago, so there are a lot of different flavours. But I love that we’ve always kept with our horn section.”