Since being crowned winners of triple j Unearthed’s 2013 Soundwave competition – the boys from Born Lion have continually put out critically praised music. Celebrate the Lie goes above and beyond all the work that the band has previously released and is a must-listen for any punk-rock aficionado.

Following on from their adored 2015 debut album Final Words, Born Lion returns with their highly anticipated full-length album Celebrate the Lie.

Writing for the album began in Winter 2016 in a tiny, frosty rehearsal space in Southern Sydney. Over six months, the quartet narrowed down eleven tracks, before heading to Adelaide to record the final cut over two weeks.

Produced by Jimmy Balderstone (Luca Brasi, High Tension, Grenadiers) and mixed by Ryan Hazell (The Drones, Green Buzzard), the album combines angsty punk-rock, frenetic hardcore and unapologetic monstrous pop hooks to deliver on what is quite simply a straight up, raucous, no bullshit, razor-sharp rock n’ roll record – bringing the Australian punk-rock scene back to life.

Drag is without a doubt the best track on the record both sonically and lyrically. This is followed closely by Evil K. With the band showcasing a profound sense of versatility- each track on this record is entirely different to the next – so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The record as a whole is so angsty it demands a response. It makes you want to get angry even if you have nothing to be angry about.

Released: 16 February via FOUR|FOUR/ABC Music