14 October, Solbar

Competing against a Midnight Oil concert 20 minutes up the road, Sydney duo Boo Seeka held their own with a sold out performance at Solbar.

First act to get the crowd buzzing for the night was Alice Springs musician Resin Moon AKA Dave Crowe. The producer walked out onto the stage looking like an astronaut who had just arrived from space; all that was missing was the helmet. Crowe brought along some funky electronic tunes and quirky beats with his first track Salt. The rocket man finished his set off with his track Feels that left us with nothing but good feelings.

“Thank you so much for having me perform in this beautiful place and cheers Boo Seeka for having me on the tour!” said Crowe.

Shortly after the next support to appear on stage was Turquoise Prince AKA Teon Lolesio from Canberra. The indie hip hop artist added some extra flavour and bounce to the crowd with his fresh sound. Straight into his single Next In Line, the atmosphere was jumping and some punters were just, well, a bit too into the music with drinks flying everywhere .

“I wrote this song in my bedroom and it feels like I’m jamming in my bedroom right now,” mentioned Lolesio. Finishing his set on his most recent track Like Your Friends, he left Solbar in a fantastically ecstatic environment.

Suddenly, the room was filled with suspense while a mystical interlude was setting the scene for Boo Seeka. It wasn’t long till the shining stars of the night walked onto the stage, with wine bottles in hand. Nice to see the boys have some class.

“Sunny Coast! Let’s go!” shouts Ben Gumbleton AKA Boo.

Boo Seeka dove into their jovial track Fool and the crowd went wild! Gumbleton’s quirky dance moves were in line with the stabs of the track, making it a performance that you could tell he felt deeply when singing. Following on from Fool the duo continued with Humans which highlighted Sam Croft AKA Seeka’s synth work. Brooklyn shortly followed, which showcased Gumbleton’s soothing vocals and gentle aura.

“We wouldn’t want to spend our Saturday night anywhere else, so cheers Sunshine Coast!” exclaimed Gumbleton as he lifted his wine bottle into the air.

The raucous sound of punters blasted when Boo Seeka didn’t need to introduce us to the next song, Kingdom Leader. Gumbleton who was smiling in-between the song could see the energy that was lifted in the room. He was slamming his guitar strings and slowly closed his eyes then quickly glanced back at the crowd, capturing this special moment.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and there was no better way than for Boo Seeka to leave the night with the song Gold Sail. Just as the boys walked off stage, a voice from the punter behind me startled me – “one more song!”

The delighted Boo Seeka embraced us once more as they smothered everyone with a joyful attitude, getting into a special encore of three extra songs. The last tune of the night was Does This Last? which got every man and woman up on their shoulders – until security came along. Gumbleton lifted his guitar in the air and raised his hands when he sang the lyrics “Why does this only last for so long?” Croft leading the beat with the synthetic synths and strums on his pad. Boo Seeka left a lasting impression on everyone in the Solbar band room, leaving us all with a grin on all of our faces.

‘Thank you so much guys! Come down, say hey and have a beer with us! We love you!’ shouted Boo Seeka for one final time.

Boo Seeka had been working extremely hard over the last couple years to provide fans with a glorious live show and to tweak their undying sound. It’s clear that after tonight’s events, there was nothing but celebrations and applause for the duo.