Your new favourite power rock band, Body Type have been climbing from strength to strength this year. They released their debut self-titled EP in October and are jumping on tour later this month in support. If that wasn’t enough, Body Type has also secured festival slots at Berry’s Fairgrounds Festival 2018 and Grampians Festival 2019. But before they hit the road, they made time for a quick chat.

Body Type have a tough garage-rock sound, yet this is balanced with a relaxed, playful energy. What inspires your music?
We have a lot of mutual influences but also pull from a wide spectrum of music individually – Cecil is a secret classical nut, Georgia a rock dog incarnate, Soph a krautrock trance enthusiast with an undercurrent of Black Sabbath shred love, and I like the sound of broken instruments. And then after all of these influences face-off in a collaborative tug-of-war, maybe that’s how we end up with something relaxed and playful.

Did you have a moment when you thought ‘this is our sound’, or is it something that evolved organically?
Definitely organic produce… I think the more we make together the more we think ‘this is our sound’. It’s a result of the connections between us as a group as well as individuals; it’s a chemistry and confidence that has slowly grown since we started quietly practicing in beer-soaked, ciggie-singed rehearsal rooms every Tuesday.

You’re originally from Perth and have now ventured east to Sydney. How did Body Type meet and get started?
Three-quarters of the bods are from Perth – I’m from Kiama on the South Coast of NSW but it’s basically the east coast version of Perth. Plus everyone’s families have adopted me a bit so I’m an honorary Perthite. I moved into a share house in Redfern and met this giant group of really special people from Perth – and they hooked me up with my destiny: Georgia, Sophie and Cecil. Soph and Cec were a bit fresh to Sydney and had started working on some songs together, and Soph noticed that I had a dusty fender in my room, so I was blessed with an invite to come for a shred sesh – I couldn’t shred but that didn’t matter. Georgia had moved from Perth to Sydney to study acting but had a badass bass child past and Soph was quick to invite her along too. And so it all began.

And what drove the decision to make the move to Sydney?
Access to resources. Work, study, La Vida Loca.

Body Type has a focus on creating a space for women in a male-dominated industry.
With this in mind, what has been the biggest challenge you’ve had?

Trying to think of an instant witty comeback on stage when dudes in the audience ask us to show them our tits – that is truly something that still happens and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The biggest challenge is accepting the fact that these dummies exist.

Has there been a moment when you’ve particularly seen the impact bands like yourselves are having on how women are represented in the industry?
I think we’ve felt the industry shifting a little – bands and promoters making a concentrated effort to improve representation where they can, like Alex Cameron inviting us to do a national tour, as well as touring with Spike Fuck before us, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra who just toured and sported a collectively impressive, diverse line of supports. On a smaller scale, it has also been so special to play local shows with nieces and little cousins around – being able to get them up dancing for an entire set and maybe even getting them obsessed with the idea of making their own band one day.

Do you have a music industry hero?
Amelia Jenner, Music Director of FBi Radio.

What is the body type of your band mobile?
Blue Nissan X-Trail with a broken petrol gauge.

What’s been the craziest thing to happen in 2018 so far?
Putting out our EP! We’ve finally broken the seal.

You’ve got a tour coming up in Nov/Dec – what can audiences expect?

Mini show bags with custom BT guitar picks, stickers, and temporary tattoos. $1 a pop.

And you’ve got some Festivals coming up. What are you most excited about for these shows?
We just played FBi radio’s 15th Birthday Party – which was a full-on festival in its own right, and finally saw Divide and Dissolve play. I’m ready to watch them again at Gizzfest on December 1st, as well as Mana – Serwah from Nasho’s new band.

Which other fellow Aussie artists are you digging right now?
Primo, Gregor, Good Morning, Nasho, Party Dozen, Bura Bura, Jaala, Bored Shorts.