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Saturday night fever hit the Solbar bandroom when they opened their doors to welcome Sunshine Coast punters to join The Belligerents for a sold-out show as part of their Science Fiction album tour.

The night began with an intimate set from Brisbane artist Jordan Rochfort who is also a member of a band called The Family Jordan. Rochfort walked out onto the stage and sat on a chair, with the spotlight shining down. With his guitar in hand, Jordan wasted no time kicking off the night with soulful country and roots vibes. First song of the night was American Dream which had a sweet tinge to it, leaving you wanting more. Jordan followed with folk-style singles such as 1130 and Rats Nest.

Not long after, Gold Coast indie-pop band Ivey flawlessly set the scene with a fun interlude of instrumental work. Lead vocalist Millie Perks then joined the stage and Ivey were suddenly in full swing with their first track of the night All Things Good.

Ivey suddenly put punters into meltdown when they put their personal twist on a cover of The Beatles’ Come Together. The four-piece band finished their set off on their latest track Out Of Time which is a catchy, energetic tune that shows off Millie and Lachlan’s vocals combining to create a tasty dance track, showcasing themselves as a brilliant support act.

The Belligerents wandered onto stage with all-white clothing and beers in hand, home job mullets and uneven fringes on full display. The stage lit up with creepy cool graphics that changed at the start of every new track. No time for small talk when The Belligerents jumped into their opening song Sorry To Say. Lewis Stephenson’s dance moves were totally wild as he jump kicked into the air; perfect timing for the next song Less & Less.

The roar and ecstatic amount of screams from the crowd left it nearly impossible to hear what The Belligerents had to say. The lads headed into their song Flash, filled with sweet drum beats and galactic guitar vibes. Lewis’ vocals were raw and invited everyone to sing along to the chorus. Turning down the wicked vibes, The Belligerents went into It’s Gonna Get Worse that slowly crept into Science Fiction which brought flashbacks of their creative music video for the song.

The Belligerents continued to put on an electric show on with their hit single Caroline that had every punter singing along before we rolled out on a high after the encore.