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Author: Sam Williams

Hatchie – ‘Sugar & Spice’ EP

Written by on 23 May 2018

I was introduced to Hatchie last year after her breakout single Try was released and have been infatuated ever since. A masterful blend of vocal melodies and jangly guitar had myself and many others entranced by the Brisbane artist. Hatchie delivers a sweet dream-pop experience on Sugar & Spice EP through Ivy League Records which [...]

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The Jim Mitchells, Rosa Maria, Tropical Strength

Written by on 26 February 2018

First things first: I’d never listened to The Jim Mitchells before Thursday. They had been recommended to me by a handful of friends but I’d somehow unintentionally managed to avoid them completely. I had even missed a free show they did a month or so ago. Thursday at the Lansdowne seemed like the perfect opportunity […]

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Space Monk – ‘Space Monk’

Written by on 22 November 2017

This EP made me feel like sinking schooners with the boys in the vacuum of space. I first listened to Space Monk’s self-titled EP Space Monk in the car on a Friday afternoon. After a week of working in retail during Christmas preparations, it provided me with the perfect weekend transition vibes. A big weekend. [...]

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Drunk Mums, Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents

Written by on 23 October 2017

19 October, Moonshine I see two types of people on a night in Manly; people there for a standard night out with the boys or the girls, and people who only come out for choice gigs. I was the latter on Thursday night when Drunk Mums played Moonshine in Manly. I walked into the Steyne, headed [...]

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The Ruminaters, Crocodylus, Neighbourhood Void, Pelican Boy

Written by on 17 October 2017

12 September, The Lansdowne Hotel Thursday night at The Lansdowne Hotel drew an impressive turnout, and it wasn’t for the chicken parmigiana downstairs. The night saw Avalon boys/local legends The Ruminaters launch their new single I Wanna Fight to a crowd who were very much into it. The show kicked off with support from Pelican [...]

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