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Author: Nick Simpkin

REVIEW: Falls Festival, Lorne by Nick Simpkin

Written by on 8 January 2019

I was somewhere east of Lorne, coasting down the Great Ocean Road when the road swayed around a steep, fort-like headland corner to reveal a sight out of some ancient dream – a deep fog spilling over these sharp, craggy cliffs to fall into this endless crystal-blue ocean that extended to the horizon. The sky was littered […]

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REVIEW: Gang of Youths, Charlie Collins

Written by on 1 November 2018

“Why do I go to gigs?” Entertainment? The people? Flex on the ‘gram? The bright lights, the music, the vibe? What is it that draws people to gigs, more than say, sport? You’ve got the drinks at the games, you’ve got people dancing and singing in their seats. Why then did the people of Victoria […]

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REVIEW: SŸDE, ALTA, Running Touch

Written by on 22 October 2018

I’d never been to 170 Russell before, but then again I’m new to Melbourne. The warm purple and blue lighting that shone from the stage between sets mixed with the luimincent turquoise table railings that were set staggered, like some futuristic terraced amphitheatre. SŸDE kicked things off, the duo bringing energy into the room with Orbit and their […]

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Timberwolf: On decoding toxic masculinity

Written by on 8 October 2018

“I had written quite a few songs before it, and I was waiting for one that would have a lasting sentiment behind it before I released it.” Folk singer-songwriter Christopher Panousakis, known under the moniker Timberwolf, brings an unrivaled authenticity into his songwriting. “It was at a time where one of my best friends lost someone in […]

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REVIEW: Falls Festival, Byron Bay

Written by on 3 January 2018

31 Dec - 2 Jan, North Byron Parklands The North Byron Parklands were crackling with energy. The sun carved through clouds, offering a brief but welcome shower on the similarly buzzing crowds, descending with surprising coordination into the endless green fields. Up in the hills among the huge circus tents, a sound check is going [...]

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Kuren: On Heroes, Sticky Fingers & Motivational Speakers

Written by on 13 December 2017

With a crisp new track featuring the likes of Illy and a debut album in the works, 19-year-old Kuren, aka Curtis Kennedy, is one of those terribly talented people who really makes you wonder what you're doing with your life. Perhaps even more annoyingly, he's a genuinely lovely guy. He's hardworking and clear-sighted in his [...]

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Slum Sociable: On Juggling Jobs, Mental Health & The Trials Of Recording

Written by on 27 November 2017

With unique and gorgeous jazz-infused melodies and smokey low-fi-esque samples, to say that Slum Sociable's debut self-titled release has been keenly anticipated would be an understatement. The Melbourne-based duo have been making waves for some time now, with singles such as All Night getting huge attention worldwide. On the eve of the release, I talked to Miller Upchurch about [...]

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Cloud Control: On Silliness, Eminem Memes & The Police’s Influence On ‘Zone’

Written by on 19 September 2017

"When we were living in Redfern opposite a cop station... we had a studio right next to Redfern police and there was a little window that looked out to the sky and the cop sign. I remember writing Panopticon there..." Heidi Lenffer pauses - she doesn't rush, instead, choosing her words with precision. "The hyper-presence of the police to that area helped inform all the lines [...]

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