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Author: Naomi Kaplan

Mountain Sounds Festival

Written by on 20 February 2018

16-17 February, Mount Penang Gardens Walking into Mountain Sounds Festival, I was pleasantly surprised by the bush doof-inspired set-up. By doof-inspired, I mean decorative overhead shade constructions made from multi-coloured fabrics and huge bamboo structures sourced from outback techno and psytrance festivals like Strawberry Fields, Rainbow Serpent Festival or Subsonic. This atypical festival design was [...]

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Snowtunes – Day 2

Written by on 3 September 2017

2 September, The Clay Pits, Jindabyne By the time the evening rolled in for Snowtunes day two, we were definitely more mentally and physically prepared. Denim jackets and jeans of yesterday were swapped in favour of layer upon layer of thermals, fluorescent ski jackets and an array of fluffy accessories, plus extra jumpers and gloves [...]

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Snowtunes – Day 1

Written by on 2 September 2017

1 September, The Clay Pits, Jindabyne Walking towards the clay pits on the edge of Lake Jindabyne, the small NSW ski-side town was filled with an array of vintage, fluorescent ski jackets and animal print onesies hopping and skipping on their way to day one of Snowtunes. Arriving early saw a glorious dusky haze fill the air, with wood [...]

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Dope Lemon, Waax, BYO Daddy

Written by on 14 July 2017

12 July, Beach Road Hotel You’d never go to Beach Road Hotel for a quiet one. Whether you like to have a beer and watch the footy on a huge projector, dance to mainstream pop, play some pool, have a burger or listen to house, techno, indie-rock or folk bands, Beach Road provides the goods. [...]

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VIVID: Women In Electronic Music Showcase II

Written by on 19 June 2017

17 June, Oxford Art Factory Oxford Art Factory was on fire with feminine energy on Saturday night. Vivid's Women In Electronic Music Showcase split into two rooms: the Gallery Bar and the Main Stage. The Gallery Bar was lit by a red glow, matching the red, black and white pop art hanging from the walls. [...]

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PLGRMS: On iPhone Editing & Keeping The Mystery Alive

Written by on 7 June 2017

Indie-electro duo (trio with veiled electric producer Ross James) PLGRMS formed a few years ago in Sydney, with Jacob Pearson as the artist/singer/songwriter and Jonathan “Jono” Bowden collaborating the songwriting and multi-instrumentals. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of their smash singles Pieces (2015), 2016's Fools & Their Gold and Gemini, and latest April release Dream You Up. Pearson, who used [...]

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VIVID: The VANNS, IVEY, Just Breathe

Written by on 29 May 2017

27 May, The Lair Walking into The Lair at Metro Theatre at 5pm on a Saturday is generally a strange time to see a bunch of indie-pop/rock bands unless you’re at a festival. Nevertheless, The Lair set the tone immediately. Think high (very high) ceilings, florescent blue lights and a bunch of schoolgirls jumping up [...]

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Tired Lion, Tiny Little Houses, Dear Seattle

Written by on 15 May 2017

13 May, Hudson Ballroom With a name like ‘Hudson Ballroom’, my first thought was: ‘Can I still wear sneakers?’ In reality, the venue delivered a perfect indie-rocker’s haven. The grungy, underground den formally known as Goodgod Small Club was so intimate you could smell the age-old flannel shirts on the bearded music fanatics. Early music [...]

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