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Author: Edelle Gettings

Fortunes: On Daddies, Wedding Dresses & Love

Written by on 15 November 2017

WE DID IT. LOVE WINS! Pop the bubbles, dance in the streets, hug everyone!!! With lyrics that warm you from the inside out and a soft R'n'B sound, Fortunes.' New single Daddies has us all wrapped up in love. It's the perfect soundtrack to this morning. Premiered on Inertia's mixtape for marriage equality, Thirty Days Of [...]

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Sampa The Great – ‘Birds & The BEE9’

Written by on 14 November 2017

Born in Zambia, raise in Botswana and based in Sydney, Sampa The Great has collided both international and local sounds into a beautifully produced 13-track mixtape. Birds & The BEE9 is both deeply intimate and outward looking. With influences from neo-soul to gospel to hip hop, the stripped-back lyrics and smooth instrumentals create way for [...]

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STUMPS: On Cricket, Cheez TV & Drunk Noni Hazlehurst

Written by on 18 September 2017

“A rewarding five-day test.” The phone crackled in between words I’d never thought I would hear as a description of music. But that’s how frontman Kyle Fisher explained STUMPS‘ sound. “Cricket’s got an old-school traditionalism that I love about it. It’s all about having something on in the background when you’re having a BBQ, even […]

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Tired Lion: On Tinder Fails, Toking & Hatin’ On Yeezys

Written by on 30 August 2017

Tired Lion have a sound that gives you utter nostalgia for your first Walkman. Reminiscent of the raw, untamed rock noise that made Smashing Pumpkins so well-loved, Tired Lion have been reconnecting us to hard rock'n'roll since 2010.  Since then, the Perth outfit have racked up two EPs, two hit singles, an Unearthed J Award in [...]

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The Attics – ‘The Attics’

Written by on 25 July 2017

From the volcanic plains of Colac in Victoria, The Attics have melted together ten tracks of glorious psych-pop for their debut album. Co-produced by Cameron Wade and Isaac Barter (Canary, Life Is Better Blonde), the album bubbles with catching bass hooks, washed-out guitars and hazy vocals. Similar to the low-fi tones of Wade’s earlier work [...]

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