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Author: Clancy Downes

Le Pie: On Self-Empowerment, Punk & Getting Through Heartache

Written by on 4 May 2017

The standout tunes produced by Le Pie are a must-listen in the realm of indie-pop. Her tracks delve into the idea of strength through pain as she creates mighty ballads embellished with raw emotion and unforgettable melodies. After releasing her upcoming second EP Sad Girl Theory’s first single, White Walls & Promises in March, Sarah Fenn expresses how she sought to [...]

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Hazlett: On A Surrogate Mother’s Legacy & Facing Fears

Written by on 11 April 2017

Hazlett is a dynamic artist producing ambient sound through gentle acoustics that dizzies listeners, embracing a sense of personal reminiscence which is ever-present in his recent EP Honey, Where Is My Home. I was lucky enough to speak with Mitchell Lewis about his humble musical beginnings and his hopes going forward. With the ambiguous uniqueness [...]

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