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Author: Brynn Davies

PREMIERE: Melbourne supergroup Monnone Alone get deep (but not so meaningful) in ‘Cut Knuckle’ video

Written by on 3 October 2018

Mark Monnone is a man about – and under – Melbourne town. Head honcho at Lost and Lonesome records and former bassist of the Lucksmiths, Monnone pulled together a motley crew to form his misnomered four-piece Monnone Alone in 2009. Featuring Joe Foley (Aleks & the Ramps), Louis Richter (Mid-State Orange) and Gus Franklin (Architecture in Helsinki, The Smallgoods), “I […]

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PREMIERE: AIRPORTS Just Dropped The ’00s Throwback Party Anthem Of The Year

Written by on 17 August 2018

“Don’t get your panties in a tangle“, but AIRPORTS – the moniker of Sydney producer Aaron Lee – has just dropped a steaming hot pile of awesome in the form of your fave new party anthem, Single Together.  Oozing funk ‘n’ groove, Single Together will have you getting down in your apple-bottom jeans like you’re freshly legal and slamming vodka raspberries […]

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Music Industry, R U OK?

Written by on 14 September 2017

Working in the music industry is a tough slog. We roller coaster between extreme adrenaline highs and crashing lows. The line between ‘real life’ and ‘work’ is blurred at best, non-existent more often than not. Food and sleep are grabbed whenever there’s a chance; time for family, friends and ourselves is rare; we live out [...]

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Vera Blue – ‘Perennial’

Written by on 19 July 2017

Vera Blue’s debut full-length Perennial is an album of healing, growth and reflection. Sydney's Celia Pavey has bravely documented the past 18 months of heartbreak, emotional turmoil, learning and hope, following a break-up in the midst of her whirlwind artistic success. Here, the personal meets the profession, Pavey drawing on her story to create 12 [...]

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Kirin J Callinan – ‘Bravado’

Written by on 8 June 2017

Kirin J Callinan is one of those paradoxical artists who push our ability to differentiate between brilliant and bad. In other words, he’s a tonic for complacency. The fact that his tongue-in-cheek volatility is intentional just makes the ambitiousness of Bravado all the more intriguing. Sit down, take a deep breath and try to forget everything [...]

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