What a time to be alive – listening to Allday’s second album Speeding for the first time (before numerous re-spins), I can assure you hands down that you are all in for a real tasty treat.

Three years in the making and spending the better part of 2016 in the studio, Allday is following up his first album Startup Cult with 12 glowing electronic tracks, reeling you into the life of this rapper a little deeper than he may have set out to achieve.

Taking a break from his usual social media banter, Allday has already shared with the world four dreamy pop beats – Raceway, SidesBaby Spiders and In Motion, the latter a joint effort with producer Japanese Wallpaper and an instant hit with his devoted following.

Selective with sounds this time around, growth and experimentation prevails; he finds a comfortable balance between pop-driven songwriting versus spitting rap lyrics throughout this compilation. Expect to hear more dappled beats, auto-tune and full bars of half spoken, half drowsily sung lyrics like those on Raceway, and melodic tunes based around brooding minor chords as heard on Sides.

Recorded in studios across New York, Los Angeles, and Melbourne, several songs feature collaborations with up-and-comers Gracelands, Nyne and Mallrat. The electrifying opener First Light kicks things into gear, putting into perspective the path this skilled lyricist has taken to achieve success.

Many tunes loiter around the three-minute mark, with titles and content that manage to capture the current wave of hip hop while exploring notions closer to home and a rawness relatable to the here and now. Speaking to the current generation, these thoughts are carried right through to the honeyed pop beat of closing track Ultramarine with one of Brissy’s most electric newbies Mallrat.

Speeding is going to hit the hearts and heads of music fans with his languid flow, dark, emotive tunes and some of Allday’s best melodically pitched raps to date.


Allday – Speeding

Released: 21 April, 2017 via ONETWO