Indie-rock Sydneysiders, Wild Honey have crafted tasteful, bittersweet album In Your Head for us to lavish over.

The five-piece band have built a solid fanbase since the release of their popular single Eye To Eye and were handpicked by Australian band Jet to be the opening act for their show earlier this year.

With the help and guidance of producer Jack Moffitt (The Preatures) and Doug Boehm (Dune Rats), In Your Head is the album you’ve been searching for to connect with on a personal level with.

Life’s about getting stuff done and growing along the way, and this is what In Your Head is all about. The 12-track record is an ode to coming of age and the experiences it comes with it such as running to the beach as an escape from the sounds of your parents fighting and drinking a cup of concrete to harden up enough to talk to your crush.

Opening track Break Away is a leap into the deep end for Wild Honey. Listening to Break Away is gives you the utter confidence to jumpstart your day. Break Away is a combination of tingling guitar strums and witty, feel-good vibes. It literally makes me want to ‘break away’ from the troubles that are wearing me down and go make it happen.

Gone For Good is a tune that reflects a relationship that seemed to of ran on cheap thrills but it wasn’t long ’till it was broken off. Wild Honey describes a partner who is gone for good and sing about the memories that they created with this so-called heartbreaker.

Further into the album, Renee hints that this one was written about the crush that the band was smitten over in that uni lecture. Renee is a cruisey, fun tune that can be crowned the love song on the album. The vocals are smooth and the slick drumming mixes effortlessly together, unifying their sound.

Overall, In Your Head is an album that us, young adults can resonate with and Wild Honey have done a brilliant job of doing this with their charming rock’n’roll energy.


Released: 3 November, 2017 via SPILLWAY Records