Sydney’s pop-rockers The Preatures have continued to make waves following the release of their 2014 debut LP Blue Planet Eyes, with a slew of Aria noms and hit Is This How You Feel? reaching #9 in triple j’s Hottest 100 to add to their trophy chest.

The band’s second album Girlhood brings you a handful of fresh, rocking anthems.

The Preatures are Isabella Manfredi, Thomas Champion, Luke Davison, Jack Moffitt, with Gideon Bensen having left the band on good terms last year.

The four create some serious ’80s funk and sound. Girlhood is an 11-track album that consists of an evocative, deep exploration of what it means to be a modern woman.

Title track and first single off the record is Girlhood, which kicks off with wicked drums and groovy guitar while Manfredi’s vivid vocals bring the record immediately to life. Girlhood is the perfect run for the album to enter upon. It makes me feel excited to dig into the wondrous world of Girlhood and what The Preatures have to offer.

Listening further, Yanada starts with a slower beat, but getting deeper into the track, it has become one of my favourites. With a personal touch through the album, Manfredi explores her own experiences, contemplating adulthood and her place in the world, diving through her own eclectic lineage with songs sung in Italian, English and Darug, the Indigenous language of Sydney.

As Manfredi explains of the album: “The songs are about growing up as a young girl in Sydney. But a band is also the sum of your relationships with each other, so maybe it’s also about the last eight years growing up together.”

Mmm, with a lick of the lips and some cranking ballads, Lip Balm smothers you with some sweet vocals. The Preatures bring a feel good vibe and a swaying beat to this song. When listening to this track, all I can picture is the band in a bedroom studio with some pin posters covering the walls for some inspiration – not too far off the mark, having recorded this album in their rehearsal space and studio in Surry Hills, dubbed the Doldrums.

Things get tangled when you hit the play button on Mess It Up. The R&B-inflected track spins a disco atmosphere, the dancefloor calling. Digging into the song, you can hear it’s harking back to Blue Planet Eyes track Ordinary.

The Preatures’ Girlhood takes you on a trip down memory lane and makes you think back to when you were spinning records on your Mum’s record player. The band have articulated their courageous steps in the music scene, weaving a rich second album of stories, sounds and ideas.


The Preatures – Girlhood

Released: 11 August, 2017 via Universal Music