Produced by Greg Kurstin, who has worked on the Aussie pop star’s previous three studio albums, Everyday Is Christmas goes beyond the average Christmas album and will soon become just as common of a household essential as Michael Buble and Mariah Carey’s holiday tunes. It is absolutely everything you would expect from Sia.

Sia deserves an incredible amount of credit for this album. Not only is it a vocal masterpiece, but Sia has steered away from the effortless Christmas carol cover album and, with the help of Kurtsin, has co-written ten original songs, further proving to us how great of a songwriter she is (not that we needed further proof!) From Santa’s Coming For Us to Snowflake to Underneath The Christmas Lights, and even Puppies Are Forever, Sia truly captures what the festival season is all about; love, sunshine and… puppies.

Everyday Is Christmas will leave you wishing every day was Christmas and will have you rocking around your Christmas tree in no time. Sia’s mesmerising vocals are exactly what the Christmas spirit has been missing all these years and the originality of the album comes as a pleasant break from the looped Christmas tunes we are all tired of hearing.

From catchy, upbeat rhythms in Candy Cane Lane and Santa’s Coming For Us, and Ho Ho Ho, to beautiful, slow piano pieces such as Snowflake, Everyday Is Christmas and Underneath The Mistletoe, the album makes the perfect festive mix.

Everyday Is Christmas will have you feeling pumped for the upcoming holiday and will make the perfect Christmas gift for that someone special. It will even make hearing Christmas carols in November tolerable! Now it’s time to listen to the album a second time because it is THAT good and almost makes the grammatically incorrect album title that little more acceptable.

Label: Atlantic Records


Released: 17 November, 2017 via Atlantic Records