It isn’t too often that a six-year hiatus and a musical reinvention results in success – however Pete Murray certainly is no first-timer in this game. His latest album Camacho is testament to this.

Now with half a dozen albums under his belt, Murray not only knows what his listeners want, but also what they don’t realise they want. Camacho confronts similar themes explored throughout his earlier albums, yet this time around with a much more developed understanding of personal emotion and self-expression.

In a departure from previous form, Murray concentrates on strong studio production to complement his tried and true warm, powerful vocals and familiar guitar riffs, with a result as captivating as it is catchy.

The sharp production on songs like Take Me Down expose his matured grasp of style, and help reinforce the song’s central message – one of nostalgic love and reconciliation.

Camacho, like previous albums, is more akin to an extended ballad than an album full of singles. Taking listeners on a journey through heartbreak, discovery and most importantly self-awareness, it is an album that connects on many different personal and internal levels.

Themes such as these are as ever apparent in songs like Connected, seeming to deal with the relief felt after moving past the early stages of a relationship. Conversely, Give Me Your Love employs swooping, groovy trumpet licks, aiding Murray in conveying feelings of ecstasy and overwhelm that can result from impassioned, newfound love.

However, do not be taken aback by Murray’s openness about love and relationships – Camacho is certainly not a melancholic tale of despair; its message is both inspiring and uplifting. This is only reinforced by Murray’s bright, refreshed sound and sweet production.

Confronting a world in which short attention spans run rife, Camacho hits back, proving that despite Murray’s maturity, his music is nevertheless loveable, relatable and most importantly, still at the forefront of the Australian music scene.


Pete Murray – Camacho

Released: 2 June, 2017 via Sony Music