What a time to be alive, soaking up the sweet sounds of Meg Mac’s forthcoming debut album Low Blows. This highly anticipated release is set to connect with souls far and wide as Megan McInerney journeys her way between America and Australia. Revealing to her devoted following earlier this year that the record was actually done and dusted last November, the album’s glowing, raw tracks are guaranteed to get stuck in your head – which it might well do before it’s released thanks to being triple j’s feature album this week!

Bouncing back into our lives with the powerful release of lead single Low Blows, tied in with a magically composed videoclip, the singer-songwriter has executed a pure, real, and inspiration collection. Working alongside duo Austin Jenkins and Josh Block of Niles City Sound studios in Fort Worth, Texas, (if the black and white music video for Low Blow is anything to go off) the space is like a vintage dreamland, perfectly suited to McInerney’s sage vibes. McInerney finished the record whilst hanging out at Niles City Sound along with producing the homemade-style clip, heartwarmingly fitted to the soulful harmonies of her voice.  and catchy, up-beat gems to fulfil your 2017.

This skilful lyricist delved yet again into a sensitive yet powerful side executed by her strong vocals on the title track: “You coming round too late / I’ve taken off my face and you won’t like it.” As she revealed in an interview with LunchBox, the song is about wanting to stand up for herself and deals with all the little things that everyday life can throw.

McInerney has also made a bold move to include three live tracks of some of her best-known songs – Every Lie, Never Be and Saint Philomene, which initially wasn’t going to make the album despite being a live favourite. The power in her vulnerability through this inclusion also means a stronger connection when listening, creating an atmosphere of almost being at one of her live shows!

The empowering singer has also treated her devoted fans to another dreamy, pop-beat tune Maybe It’s My First Time. Her storytelling ability has hit the home run here in terms of relatability, creating a strong connection between artist and audience through her alluring vocal harmonies, smooth sound and nostalgic undertones; qualities you can expect to hear across all tracks.

Standouts also include the opener Grace Gold, putting things into perspective for the rest of the album. McInerney may have held back on instrumentation, prefering to keep it simple, but she sure has delivered, putting her dynamic voice and piano skills to good use and creating a melodic loveliness that consumes you, leaving you wanting more.

Low Blows is going to hit the hearts and minds of music fans worldwide, with more toe-tapping goodness released just in time for her appearance at Splendour In The Grass… And on that note, I hope you all purchased tickets ‘cause this soul sister is going to be playing on the final day! But if you missed out try your luck with the bunch of her upcoming shows across Sydney and Melbourne.   


Meg Mac – Low Blows

Released: 14 July, 2017 via littleBIGMANrecords