Major Leagues have returned just in time for winter, helping you to get through the colder months with some sweet, comforting tunes. Listening to their entire upcoming debut album, Good Love, whilst wrapped up like a burrito is one helluva way to spend my Sunday morning. The indie quartet is following on from their major hit EP, Dream States, from last year with 12 nostalgic tracks soon to drop on 16 June via Popfrenzy, exploring a heartfelt and cohesive trip down (someone’s) memory lane.

In support of the soon to be released LP, the four-piece have already treated their fans with two dreamy, pop-beat tunes: title track Good Love and It Was Always You, both accompanied by modest music videos that embody a Brisbane-ish feel. The endearing vocals of Curls, cradle the lyrics “When you kissed me / I felt lousy inside,” expressing a truthful insight into the real world of teen angst. The body of Mess Up combines the subtle sounds of guitar riffs with dream-state in sync harmonies.

Produced by the much-admired Australian artist, Jonathan Boulet, the sound of the record is not dissimilar to that of a thriving teen garage band/uni student radio vibe. The result of a close collaboration between all members, especially Anna Davidson and Jaimee Fryer, whose creative writing process has fused together this time ’round forming a stronger, more natural and cohesive sound than before. Expect to hear alluring vocal harmonies, smooth lo-fi production and nostalgic undertones like that of the opener Swimming Out.

Standouts include Swimming Out, which kicks things into gear, putting into perspective their DIY pop path. Characterised by a melodic loveliness, Major Leagues are going to make heads bob, hearts melt and brains yearn.

Major Leagues are set to embark on a nine-date national tour kicking off in August, so I suggest you pre-order their album now!


Major Leagues – Good Love
Released: 16 June, 2017 via Popfrenzy/Caroline